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CaseAce GearGrip CRT Review

Price: $26.95 USD


CaseAce is known for their GearGrip - Pro, but now they have a new product called the GearGrip CRT. The GearGrip CRT allows you to easily carry your monitor to and from a lan party, friends house, or work. If you go to lan party's the GearGrip CRT is a MUST. Today I'm going to evaluate the GearGrip CRT and see if it's really worth the dough.

A quote from Alan Payne the CEO: "CaseAce Products was established in early 2000 when I realized, while hauling my computer system around to a friend's house for a LAN party, that I was risking more than just my virtual skin. Computer systems are awkward and bulky and I had visions of fragging my system well before I got the chance to do the same to my friends. With that experience and my design and engineering background, the GearGrip-Pro was conceived, designed and manufactured."


  • One size fits most monitors up to 21"
  • Securely attaches around the monitor but unbuckles and moves out of the way for use
  • Manages monitor cables and keeps them securely out of your way until needed
  • The same high quality construction as found on the GearGrip-Pro
  • Color: Black

    Some stock pics of the product:

    The GearGrip CRT has 2" buckles that makes the harness easy to attach and extremely durable. The straps are folded under the buckle so the plastic buckle will not make any contact the monitors glass. Only the soft webbing material will make contact with the monitor. The handle was one of the things that I worried about before I received my GearGrip CRT. I thought the handle would feel really heavy in your hand. Boy was I wrong, the handle has a very soft grip and is flexiable for comfort. It doesn't even feel like your carrying around 35lbs.


    The installation was simple and took less than 5 minutes. It's a pretty self explanatory installation, however they do include instructions on how to properly install it. Here is some pics of the installation process:

    1. Loop foot around monitor base
    2. Pull handle and strap over the back
    3. Connect all buckles tightly


    The best Lan Party accessory that you can buy. The GearGrip CRT provides insurance for your monitor against the chance of you dropping it while moving it to and from the LAN. I'm very impressed of this product and highly recommend it to any lan party goers.

    • Strong and durable
    • Insurace against you dropping your monitor
    • keeps your monitor cables securely out of your way
    • Comfortable handle

    • Slightly over priced (But its worth it!)

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