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C4 NGen Mouse Pad & C4 NGen04 Mouse Pad with 3/4

Price: USD 27.94 (All 3 items)


The C4 NGen series of mouse pads integrates an old concept with a new design idea. The old concept is that of Teflon, the slick surface which almost everyone is familiar with, while the new design idea is, of course, applying Teflon to the mouse pad. Three separate items were sent for this review. The C4 NGen, a traditional mouse pad with the Teflon surface and a thin foam backing, as well as the C4 NGen04, which is just the Teflon surface with a non-slip coating on the back. The final product that was sent was a set of 30 "3/4 inch discs" that are also Teflon, which provide a Teflon-on-Teflon connection between the mouse and the mouse pad itself. Will this novel concept skid its way to the top of the pack? Or will it slide down to the bottom?

The CS Hyde company is relativity new and has some cool ideas, most involving the use of Teflon for mousing surfaces. They produce the mouse pads in three different configurations, the two being reviewed here today along with one with a sticky backing. They will also coat any existing mouse pad in their special Teflon top. Finally, they make several different size mouse 'feet'. CS Hyde Company seems like it has a bright future.


Closer Look:


The NGen is the mouse pad that is coated with Teflon, with the foam bottom. The Teflon is a copper color and is slick to the touch, but the surface is also slightly rough. In addition, the C4 NGen logo is placed in the lower right hand corner in gold writing. The mouse pad that I received, is the 9.5" by 8.5" and it comes in several other sizes including 8.5"x7" and 16"x10"

The packaging is very simple, just a cellophane wrapper with a sticker describing the product.  As can be seen in the side shot, the profile of the mouse pad is about 1/9th of an inch.  The pad is also flexible, but not to the degree the 04 is, as you will see in the following section.



The mouse pad measures 9.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches long, as can be seen below.



The NGen logo and website of the company is listed with a gold colored sticker in the bottom right of the pad. The website is very small and hard to see, but is there. The back of the pad is just black foam with no markings.


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