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Borderlands 5-Years Later Review


DLC Review: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx:

I hope you like guns and gear because you can get more than you thought you needed in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. As a result of your actions in the base game, the Atlas Corporation has lost most of its strength on Pandora. General Knoxx was sent to the planet then to do something. Actually, he does not know what his orders are, so he just carries on under the assumption it is to retake the planet.

The ridiculous humor of the base game and other DLC remains here as we hear General Knoxx becoming more and more depressed with his situation. His commanding officer, Admiral Mikey, is young and immature, which frustrates the general as he receives random, nonsensical gifts instead of orders. Eventually the general becomes so depressed and discouraged that he intends to kill himself, but then you arrive. Now he has to kill you, but he does ask that if you defeat him that you just destroy the planet and kill everybody on it.

The general's soldiers, being part of the Crimson Lance, are very well equipped, which makes them a great threat to you in more ways than just having powerful weapons. Some of the soldiers also have elemental affinities, making them resistant to that element, so you may need to swap out weapons. Also a number of these enemies can throw out turrets that will either attack you or send out healing projectiles, supporting the other soldiers. That ability can make the Lance Medics exceptionally annoying.








Driving is an important part of the DLC, for better or worse. The better part is that you do get two new vehicles, and a tweaked version of the original Runner. The different vehicles have their own advantages and disadvantages, but personally I find myself using the Racer the most, which is like the Runner, but faster, at the expense of handling. The worse part of the driving is that you will be driving a lot along highways and around maps. While it is nice to have such a large map to exist in, it is somewhat empty and the distances between points are just great enough to make the driving feel slow.

Fortunately, the campaign can be very rewarding as you will eventually gain access to the stockpile of weapons General Knoxx has prepared for retaking the planet. The munitions within the armory are set to explode, giving you only a limited amount of time to open chests and grab stuff. There is a geometry glitch that can get you around the timer, giving you free access to everything in the armory. You can look that up yourself if you want to exploit it. If you do not, or complete the mission and detonate the munitions, do not worry as Marcus gives you two missions that reopens the armory.


Prior to that, you will be running multiple missions to rescue people, steal a security code, kill an ex-husband, and more if you do the side missions. Some of the side missions can be a little annoying though, if only because they require you to drive off to one section that is quite far from the next campaign mission.

After the campaign you will also unlock a mission that is the greatest challenge you will face in the game and DLC; Crawmerax. This leviathan is the game's raid boss, and while it can be defeated solo, it is tremendously easier to do with friends. Once defeated, it will drop some of the best loot in the game, and I believe has a better chance of dropping that loot than the armory. You can run the mission as many times as you wish.

It took me about 4 hours and 33 minutes to complete every mission in the DLC, not counting Crawmerax and the multiple armory runs. That may also be an underestimation, as the missions and enemies were not scaled to my level, making everything "Trivial" according to the game. Not a bad length for a DLC, especially one with such nice rewards as new and powerful weapons. Of course it is also just fun to play, especially with the General Knoxx's lines. Be sure to play it.

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