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Borderlands 5-Years Later Review


DLC Review: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned:

The first DLC for Borderlands took players to Jakob's Cove, where Dr. Ned, who is totally not Dr. Zed from the base game in a disguise, (that is meant to be said quickly and in a single breath) has created a zombie apocalypse. These living impaired enemies will continually come for you from every direction, including the ground. Some of them will just be regular zombies, but others can be suiciders that will first throw an exploding barrel at you, and then run up to explode on you. Also there are large goons that take a lot of bullets to re-kill, but some carry chests on their backs, giving you immediate rewards for your efforts.

The graphics are more or less the same as the base game, and even some of the assets have been re-used, though potentially made darker, to fit the horror theme better.

The story is simple and short, but also does have a decent amount of depth through the side missions. Not only are the zombies explained, but also the Wereskags, that are like werewolves, but uglier and real. You will also find multiple characters that either died trying to investigate and stop the horde, or have joined them. Each one has their own story to them, and tend to be references to other media, such as Scooby Doo. This does of course add to the fun of the experience.






One series of side missions is somewhat annoying, but only if you do not handle correctly. If you re-kill zombies with a headshot, their brains will drop to the ground to be picked up. These can be collected and turned in to T. K. Baha, a character from the base game who has recently become living impaired, and desires brains. What makes the series of missions providing him with brains is that collecting brains only counts when on one of the missions. If you collect a hundred brains when all you need is ten, those extra ninety do not contribute to the next mission, and you will have find more.

While that is somewhat annoying, the totals you need are actually well selected. Basically if you return each time you have collected enough brains, the next section in the campaign will get you enough brains for the next mission, by the time you are free to turn the mission in. It still would have been nice if you could collect brains without being on the missions, but at least these missions do not have to rip you away from the other missions to complete.


Besides that one series of missions, everything in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is fun and funny, as it leans on the tongue-in-cheek jokes and the horror theme for humor. For example, Dr. Ned eventually kills his assistants Frank and Bill, and decides to stitch them together into Franken Bill, which you will have the fun of re-killing. Definitely a DLC worth playing that lasts about 2 hours and 38 minutes.

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