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Borderlands 5-Years Later Review



When people suspect there is a treasure to find, they will do whatever they can to get it. In Borderlands you play as one of four Vault Hunters, who start in one town and must complete missions for many people, in order to get the information and access you need to move forward. These missions will have you rescue many people, save towns, and help make Pandora a better and safer place.

It all begins in Fyrestone, where you are told to get off of your bus by a mysterious voice. Soon the voice gives you more commands, including doing whatever Claptrap, the resident guide robot, tells you to do. Before long a group of bandits show up and you have to protect Claptrap, save the town, and keep yourself alive by removing that threat. As you progress you will find many, many more Claptraps, sometimes with different voices.

Once you have ended that threat, you get to move on to the new ones the people give you, like finding a shield, food, and cleaning poop off of a giant turbine. Borderlands does not often take itself seriously, and to its credit, it does that pretty well. A fair amount of the humor may be sophomoric, but that does not mean you cannot laugh at it.

With the voice's help, you will eventually be put on the right path to uncover the Vault, and this path takes you to Dr. Patricia Tannis. She has been on Pandora and been exposed to its dangers for long enough that she is almost completely insane. She also happens to be the only person who knows where the Vault is and how to open it. You discover this by finding the recorders she has hidden throughout the world with her notes on them. She had to stop making them eventually though, as she eventually loses her trust in her ECHO recorder. Did I mention she is insane?




Anyway, for many of the characters, your quest for the Vault is meaningless. All they want is help or money or both, so if you provide it, they will be happy. Commandant Steele, the leader of the Atlas Corporation's forces, the Crimson Lance, however has a great interest in your activities, because she wants to capture the Vault and, to that end, kill you.

Though the story could have been fairly straightforward, there are actually a fair number of plot twists, leading right up to the end. After beating the game though, if you replay it, you may notice that these twists were hinted at, before their ultimate revelation. Of course these hints are ambiguous, so as not to spoil the surprises.

The story of Borderlands does exactly what it needs to, and not much more, which is fine, and in one sense very good. This game allows for a fair amount of adventuring, and instead of trying to tie everything together, or having side missions completely and thoroughly unrelated to the main campaign, it just keeps things connected. Sometimes the side missions will reveal more about the world, and other times they are just side quests. Either way, enough story is told to keep everything interesting and to answer questions, without being overwhelmed by complexities. Not necessarily one of the best video game stories, but it is told well and that is just as important.

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