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Borderlands 5-Years Later Review



Five years later, is it worth returning to Pandora? I believe it is. Borderlands was and still is a very fun game that rewards players well and offers an entertaining experience. Thanks to their styling, the graphics have held up very well and the performance is as great as you would want or expect. It does suffer from some texture streaming, but it is not too severe.

The DLC largely do a superb job of adding onto the experience. The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and The Secret Armory of General Knoxx are both a lot of fun with a good sense of humor, and especially with the latter, are rewarding to play. Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot does not feature a standard campaign and offers more of a challenge arena experience. If you enjoy such experiences, it can offer you hours of more fun, but personally, such gameplay does little for me. Claptrap's Robot Revolution is another campaign DLC but is just not at the level of the other two. It is still fun but fails to impress much.

Altogether, I spent just over 22 hours on this single review playthrough of the base game and DLC campaigns. That playtime could potentially be doubled by playing the second playthrough you unlock after beating the base game. Naturally this will increase the difficulty of the fights across the game's contents, so be prepared for tough fights.

Borderlands is an easy game to recommend to people looking for a good FPS or RPG. It has a good story, rewarding and fun gameplay, and an amusing sense of humor. If that is what you are looking for in a game, you have found what you want.

One thing that is unfortunate is that currently Borderlands is left without online multiplayer. That will hopefully change before long, as the publisher has stated it plans to switch to a new system in Summer 2014. Multiplayer in this game can be a great deal of fun, but remember to share the loot.




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