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Borderlands 2 (Sleepless) Review



Though much of what I've written above is criticizing the game, I would definitely recommend it. Borderlands 2 is a very good game that, at worst, one could say requires more polish, but even then this polish is the kind that may not even be recognized as needed before launch. Thus is one of the challenges of game development and a healthy thing to keep in mind when getting a game on its release day. Of course I do believe a game should not have these minor issues when it releases, but I respect the fact that for every minor issue we see, there was at least one major issue we will never experience.

I will even go a step further in my recommendation of Borderlands 2 by adding this. Despite playing for 29 hours and 40 minutes, with breaks only for food, water, and restroom visits (no coffee, yuck), I do not feel burned out by the game at all. I look forward to getting back in there and making my Zero as overpowered as possible, as well as getting another character or three started. After all, I've got a bunch of side quests still to finish, and can't leave those sitting in the queue! Also the True Vault Hunter mode beckons me.








It is not a game it is an Easter Egg hunt


After Sleep Update: The day after I completed that playthrough, I ended up staying up until after 1 AM because I lost track of time doing side quests. There really was no burnout for me, even after those 30 hours.

Oh, and if you're looking for a number score for this game, go somewhere else. I am both unwilling and unable to award a quantitative score to a qualitative item. The best you're getting is what I give you above: it is very good; I would definitely recommend it; and after a 30 hour, sleepless playthrough, I am still playing and enjoying it.

PS: The Crawmerax replacement is big… really big.

I think I need a bigger gun

  1. Introduction
  2. Graphics & Sound
  3. Story (99.9% spoiler free, but a spoiler substitute can be added, upon request)
  4. Gameplay: Part 1
  5. Gameplay: Part 2
  6. Gameplay: Part 3
  7. Conclusion
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