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Razor Boomslang 2000 Mouse Review



The mouse has to be one of the most important devices a computer has. Without a mouse it would be very difficult to maneuver around windows, games, and other applications. Almost all games require a mouse to play. A mouse can make the difference between winning and losing a game. The Boomslang by Razor is marketed to gamers, but it should attract the attention of other users such as graphic designers also. Today we will look at the Boomslang mouse and see why so many gamers stand beside this mouse.

The Package

When you open the box of your Boomslang mouse you will see that it is special. So special the mouse is in a tin box lined inside with foam to protect your BoomSlang mouse. Once I got the tin open I saw the BoomSlang mouse. It was sleek, big, and black. Not your everyday mouse. Under the foam you will find your manual and installation CD. Also you will find a Quick Setup guide on a single sheet of paper on the installation in four steps: Install Driver, Shut Down, Plug In, Reboot. This is good for users that don't want to spend the time to read the manual, like myself :).


  • On the Fly sensitivity Adjustments
  • Great Quality
  • 5 Buttons
  • 4 Programable buttons
  • Ultra large buttons
  • USB Interface for faster refresh rates
  • 7 feet of mouse cable


    I tested the BoomSlang2000 in quake3. It took me about 20mins to get use to the high sensitvity so I set the sesetivity down to 8. The way that I got use to this mouse was to set the sensitivity up in .5 intervals every 30mins of playing of quake3. Now I have my mouse set at 9.5 and it's perfect. I have one of the five buttons on the mouse setup to zoom and it�s so quick and easy to do anything with this mouse. I love the comfort of the BoomSlang and I really like the on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment.

    Testing in windows was quite a success. I love the wheel on the mouse, it makes it easy to scroll up and down pages. The accuracy of this mouse makes it a great graphics mouse. With the software that you receive with your BoomSlang mouse it will allow you to edit the x and y axis sensitivity individually. This allows your mouse move side to side and up and down faster or slower whichever your prefer.


    This mouse will definitely make a difference in your gaming and graphics applications. This mouse and the company has been around for a long time now and still no other company has been able to beat the accuracy and performance that this mouse offers.
    • Accuarcy
    • Performance
    • 7 Foot cord
    • Sleek design
    • Excellent software

    • Slightly uncomfortable at first

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