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Bloody B945 Light Strike Optical Left Hand Gaming Keyboard


Bloody B945 Light Strike Conclusion:

So I have to say I really have a love-hate relationship with the Bloody B945 keyboard. First, the good. The optical switches really feel like when I press them I get what I want. Some mechanical keyboards I have used in the past really felt sluggish when I pressed the keys. I do not get this feeling with the LK Optical keys; they just feel natural when pressed with little force needed. Typing with the LK keys, I had little to no noticeable fatigue in my hands and fingers as I normally do, adding to my comfort. The palm rest, while I was skeptical of the design really, works well and is not annoying at all.

I used the keyboard for about two weeks straight for everyday tasks and gaming. Having that extra travel area for the mouse did make a huge difference when playing first-person shooter games as I find myself picking up and adjusting my mouse a lot less than with a traditional keyboard design. While a radical move, I feel it works well and Bloody really got it right with the B945 layout and overall design.

Now for the not so good aspects. First, the software, while it works, has a poorly designed UI, is all crammed together, and is not fluid like some others I have reviewed recently. This could be a personal preference, but it felt clunky and all over the place.

Second, while I really do love the design, the learning curve to re-train years of using keyboards to now use a left-hand number pad is cumbersome. I am not saying I will give up as I really do love the design, but after two weeks of full-time use, I still find myself instinctively going for the right side number pad or, more important, the right side enter key, which I use frequently. Even when I catch myself and use my left hand, the numbers feel backward for me so I tend to press the opposite of what I want. I am sure as time goes on it will get more natural, but if you do invest in the B945 be prepared to spend time re-adjusting.

Other than the design tricking my brain, this has to be one of the most comfortable and least cramped keyboards I have used. It has bought itself a place on my gaming rig full time. If you are into radical designs and want a solid keyboard with some of the best switches I have seen on the market, then I would highly suggest the Bloody B945 gaming keyboard with the LK Optical switches for your future purchase. I chose the tactical clicky design and it is my number one.



  • Left side number pad design for more natural feel
  • Fast LK Optical switches
  • Durable design with nano-coating
  • User replaceable keycaps for customized keys
  • 16.8 million colors and customization patterns.



  • Learning curve with the left-hand number pad
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