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Bloody B945 Light Strike Optical Left Hand Gaming Keyboard


Bloody B945 Light Strike Testing:

Today we have on the testing bench the Bloody B945 Light Strike Optical gaming keyboard with its radical left-hand number pad and LK Optical Switches. How will this keyboard stand up to rigorous use for gaming, work, email, and daily general usage? Well, that is what I am hoping to find out. I am excited to be testing this new design and technology first hand.


Testing Setup:


Bloody B945 Light Strike Results:

General Usage:

I must say the keyboard was a surprising joy to use. I was concerned about the unique left side number pad design, even though I am left handed myself, but surprisingly it was easy to use. The hardest part is training my brain to not use my right hand to find that old style number pad, but to now use my left hand. Normal typing I had little muscle reaction to use the number pad, but when using apps like Excel I struggled to re-train my brain. While it is getting better and easier as time goes on, it will still take a bit to forget tradition and use the new design.

Normal typing such as reports, emails, and typing this review, while at times I have to make sure my hands are aligned by looking down from time to time, was surprisingly easy to get used to. My only issue was I normally use the enter key to the bottom right of the number pad and from time to time I hit the right arrow in place. As far as speed, I really did not notice much difference in normal usage, but I also did not notice any lag or mistyped keys.

As for comfort, I did not notice any hand fatigue or discomfort when using the Bloody B945 keyboard. Again, I did have the brain training issue when trying to use the number pad on the right and not the left. I am sure more time is all that's needed to learn the new design. I must admit it does feel more natural by placing the number pad on the left side, allowing me to use it while keeping my hand on my mouse. While using Excel, I was able to use the mouse to navigate and then my left hand to enter data (albeit slowly at first) into the spreadsheets.


Gaming Usage:

I have to admit gaming on the Bloody B945 was quite a joy. At first, I was concerned, but that disappeared quickly. I feel gaming is where this keyboard truly shines.

First, let me say that having the number pad on the left side of the keyboard really gives you a lot of added space on the right side for mouse travel. When gaming in the past, my mouse became cramped and I was having to adjust quite a bit. While gaming with the B945 keyboard playing PlayerUnknown's Battleground, I had very little issues using the full reach of the mouse to spin and aim. It was actually quite pleasing having all of that space.

With the layout, the changeable keys really helped make a difference. I opted for the clear keys for my gaming usage and the design of the keys really helped me lock on to the WASD keys with a quick glance if needed. I do wish, however, there was some sort of raised design of the keys or some different texture to quickly find the keys without having to look down to acquire them. The response time, while not really able to assess via human observation, did feel smooth and quick. I had no lag or ghosting issues when playing competitive games, as well as light gaming in Minecraft.


Now that we have the testing done, we can move over to the conclusion.

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