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Bloody B945 Light Strike Optical Left Hand Gaming Keyboard


Bloody B945 Light Strike Closer Look:

Now we can get more intimate with the Bloody B945 keyboard. As mentioned before, this keyboard uses a new radical design of placing the 10 key number pad on the left side of the main key portion, giving you more space to the right of the keyboard for your mouse. Bloody states that this design is more natural and how the keyboard should have been designed in the first place many years ago.

In the late 1980’s, IBM and other manufacturers adopted the IBM PC keyboard standardization with the all too known keyboard layout of the function keys at the top of a QWERTY key layout and a number pad to the right. Since then, manufacturers have created keyboards using that design and not contesting it. Well, until now, with the likes of Bloody changing it up and moving the number pad to the left-hand side of the keyboard to give a more natural feel. At least, according to Bloody and possibly confirmed by me after use.

Other than the moved number pad, the B945 looks like a normal keyboard with function keys on the top and arrow keys on the right of the QWERTY layout. Popping off one of the keys, we get a closer look at the LK Optical Switches used in the Bloody B945. The new design uses light streams with optical sensors instead of a typical mechanical switch to register each keypress. This leads to faster response times and more durability.






One of the things that I really liked, and sets the bar for customization, is the replaceable keys that are included with the Bloody B945. To give the best choice you have two keysets to swap the QWERASDF keys to either red or clear. I chose the clear keys and it really looks amazing. Aesthetics aside, they really help you get visual on the keys quickly.

To power the keyboard you only need to sacrifice one USB port, unlike some others that require two. The cable is six feet (1.8 meters) long and braided to keep from kinking or snagging. The extension feet have rubber on the bottom to stop slipping when using the keyboard for long-term sessions. The palm rest has a unique shape and a rubberized top that is held to a metal sheet. It is secured with screws to the keyboard, making it more sturdy and less prone to popping off like others I have used.





Now we can install the software that makes this bad boy tick.

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