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Bloody B945 Light Strike Optical Left Hand Gaming Keyboard

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Bloody B945 Light Strike Introduction:

Today we are going to be taking a look at a new kind of keyboard from a company called Bloody Gaming. It's one that I have not seen myself before and I am excited to review it, as well as see what the hype is all about with its switches. When you think of keyboards over the last decade, you remember the old IBM style designs with the WASD layout and the 10-key number pad on the right side of the keyboard closest to your mouse. What if I tell you that was all wrong and the design was not efficient?

Well, Bloody is preaching to the world that very statement. In addition to the new design, Bloody is taking a new technology to give you a faster and more precise response with its new Light Strike Optical switch. This switch promises faster keystrokes and key response, no lag, and high durability. All of this is rolled into the Bloody Gaming B945 Light Strike keyboard, which I have for you here today.

So what exactly is this Optical Switch technology? Well, it takes the typical mechanical switch design and enhances it so the switch is now reading a light wave to implement the "keypress." Each key has a light emitter below it instead of a contact pad. When the key is pressed, the light wave is disturbed, signaling activation. Traditional mechanical keys use contacts to complete a circuit when pressed. Contacts over time can corrode or wear down, making it less responsive and prone to errors. Optical keys do not have this limitation and continue to function as expected.

In addition to the physical improvements, optical switches allow for faster response (0.2ms versus 30ms) with zero lag and over 100 million keystroke lifetime.


Bloody B945 Light Strike Closer Look:

A closer look at the B945 keyboard shows the sleek design plenty of keyboards utilize, until you get to where the number pad should be located. On the front of the box is the LK Optical logo, which stands out first to me since it uses the more radical design of light versus electrical contact. There is also a portion of the keyboard showing, along with other features and the awesome Bloody logo.

On the back side of the box, you see a good overview of the B945 keyboard and its left number pad design. There is also a side-by-side comparison of the LK Optical keys versus traditional mechanical keys and the speed difference between the two. Included with the Bloody B945 keyboard is the unique palm rest we will look better at later, along with the documentation and replacement keys caps for a more unique design.




Now that we have the B945 out of the box and ready to go, we can take a closer look at it.

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  1. Bloody B945 Light Strike: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Bloody B945 Light Strike: Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Bloody B945 Light Strike: Closer Look (Software)
  4. Bloody B945 Light Strike: Specifications & Features
  5. Bloody B945 Light Strike: Testing & Results
  6. Bloody B945 Light Strike: Conclusion
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