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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

The other reason the game gets easier as you play is that you level up. Every time you kill an enemy or complete a quest, you earn cyber-points (CP), which essentially acts like experience. Every time you level up, you earn extra health, a new ability, or some other stat. There are thirty levels in total. My favorite level-ups are three additional takedowns you can perform. Takedowns are essentially insta-kill stealth melee attacks. The more advanced ones can completely change the tide of battle, such as taking the enemy's pistol and then using it to kill his friends in quick succession. Once you reach Level 15, you can even perform takedowns on heavy, armored units. If you would like a more challenging experience, you can completely disable the reticle, detection meter, hit indicator, and grenade indicator in the options menu under gameplay.










From a technical standpoint, Blood Dragon runs well and offers a myriad of graphical tweaks to play around with, including changing the Field of View, something I feel every first-person game should allow – the first thing I did was raise that to the max of 110. The game also supports DirectX 11, but can work with DirectX 9 and 10 as well, so even older machines can run it, including those still running Windows XP. Visually, the game features bright and vivid environments, despite its perpetual nighttime atmosphere – the sky will change different shades of blue, purple and red, yet is always dark. The explosions are also quite a visual treat and when you're a little too close, even shake your screen and cause momentary static, as if watching on an old school CRT television. Also adding to that old school aesthetic are "scan lines" on the environment, which you may have noticed in many of the screenshots.




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