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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

To unlock the side missions, you have to liberate garrisons. There are thirteen garrisons controlled by Omega Force, the main enemy faction in the game. Liberating garrisons provides numerous benefits. The first is that liberated garrisons act as fast-travel locations, as well as respawn points. Secondly, the surrounding area becomes safer, as enemy patrols will be reduced. Thirdly, they contain the item vendor, and liberating certain ones in an area unlocks the ability to purchase a map that reveals all the secrets for a given sector. Finally, garrisons contain arcade cabinets that provide you with the side quests. Since side quests are your main source of unlocking new attachments, you'll definitely want to liberate every garrison even if those first few reasons didn't convince you. Liberating a garrison involves killing every soldier in said garrison by any means necessary. Do you go in guns blazing? Do you snipe from a safe distance? Do you get in close for some stealth takedowns? All of those methods are certainly viable, but there's a method that's even more satisfying – one you cannot use in any other game – unleashing a titular blood dragon to tear the place asunder.

If you played Skyrim, you may be familiar with blood dragons. These are not those dragons. Blood Dragon's blood dragons are what you would get if you combined a T-Rex with Marvel Comics' Cyclops. They are lizard-like dinosaurs, slightly larger than a jeep, that glow and are blind. Oh, and they shoot lasers out of their eyes. I guess "laser lizard" just didn't sound as cool as blood dragon. Early on, these beasts are quite tough to take down. However, aside from one mission where you have to defeat two of them, you could successfully go the rest of the game avoiding them at all costs. But even if you do not want to fight them, you can still use them to do your dirty work. You have no direct control over blood dragons, but you can throw cyber-hearts to lure them. You acquire cyber-hearts by ripping them out of dead soldiers, so you'll always have enough (I often hit the 99 cap). Throw one into an unshielded garrison and you can just sit back and watch – not once did I see the AI soldiers kill a blood dragon on their own. Blood dragons toss soldiers around, eat them as a light snack, or insta-kill them with their eye lasers – watching them do their thing is pure entertainment.








If you'd rather kill soldiers yourself, you have an arsenal of twelve weapons to choose from… eventually. Those weapons consist of a bow, pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, chaingun, flamethrower, grenades, molotov cocktails, mines, plastic explosives with a detonator, and a special final weapon I will not spoil. You also get a melee attack with a neon dagger and you can throw a d20 to distract guards. While they may sound like standard fare, four of them (pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle) are upgradeable to ridiculous levels through attachments you can unlock. By the end, I had a silenced pistol, a quad-barrel shotgun that shot fire rounds, a full-auto rifle that shot laser rounds, and a semi-automatic sniper rifle that shot explosive rounds. As I said earlier, the game can get easier toward the end if you unlock everything like I did.




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