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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Price: $14.99

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is ridiculous. The story is ridiculous, the dialog is ridiculous, the cut-scenes are ridiculous, the tutorial is ridiculous, the item descriptions are ridiculous, the weapons are ridiculous, the animals are ridiculous. About the only things that are not ridiculous are the environments and vehicles... for the most part. This is the type of game that could have only been thought up after quite a few beers.

Before you skip to the conclusion, let me make it easier for you – Blood Dragon is one of the best values in gaming today. It's a AAA open-world shooter with a cost typically associated with indie titles – a mere $15 USD. It's roughly half the size of Far Cry 3 with no multiplayer, so the cost certainly makes sense, but it is still refreshing to see in a day and age where most publishers try and milk as much out of customers as possible. Ubisoft could have probably priced it at $20-30 instead and I would have still recommended it, but $15 certainly makes the purchase decision an easier one.







Blood Dragon takes place in a post-apocalyptic near-future – the year 2007. That's not a typo. The game pays homage to 1980s B-movie action flicks and video games, so for those decades, 2007 would indeed be the near future. Ubisoft refers to it as a "VHS era vision of a nuclear future." Remember I said this game is ridiculous, it's not supposed to make much sense. You play as a cyber-soldier named Rex Power Colt. Though you're not indestructible, being part machine does have its benefits: you take no fall damage, you can breathe underwater indefinitely, and you can repair yourself. You also like to throw around one-liners. Blood Dragon is what Duke Nukem Forever should have been, but thankfully this game is actually fun.



The game is rather short, with only seven main missions, but there are sixteen side missions and several collectibles to be found for those that want to extend the play experience. Even so, it took me less than ten hours to "100%" the game on Hard difficulty. As such, I would definitely recommend playing on Hard no matter your shooter skill level, if for no other reason than to artificially lengthen your gameplay. The beginning of the game was indeed rather difficult, but once I progressed and unlocked new weapons, attachments, and abilities, things became rather easy. The difficulty of the late game all depends on how many upgrades you've unlocked – by the time I did the final two story missions, all my guns were fully decked out.

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