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iFree RF Black PS2 Wireless Keyboard review



The RF Wireless Keyboard comes with many features, the biggest is its wireless capabilities. Included in the box is the keyboard, antenna, receiver, 2 floppies, one for 98/ME users, the other for Windows 2000 along with the instructions.



  • Plug and play design
  • Omni-direction operation up to 15 feet
  • 6 communications channels
  • 16 security codes
  • Integrated track ball
  • Multi-media hot keys
  • Energy saving manager
  • Windows 95,98,ME, 2000, NT compatible (works in XP fine with win2k driver)


  • Setting up the keyboard was very easy, although not without problems. First off I noticed that you must either use the mouse on the keyboard, or your regular mouse, you may not hook both up at once. After that I realized in windows the keyboard was not functioning properly. The left side worked fine, the right side used odd symbols and incorrect keys. The problem was The Kat� that I picked up a few years back at Radio Shack for free. Once I un-hooked my handy bar code scanner the keyboard worked fine.


    The New keyboard may be smaller, but not without a price. The iFree keyboard has no number pad, and can cause some work to become slower to do. The wireless design also cause the keyboard to take longer for the signal to be sent the computer and sent back. This is no big change, I can't even tell the difference from 200m/s and 19m/s, but it is the only way i have to test the keyboard. (used Keyboard Test 1.0).

    I am able to maintain stable contact with the receiver at 17.8 feet on a new set of batteries (look for an update on how long battery last, and if performance drops with battery health).

    Overall I am very happy with the keyboard and just hope I never have to sit thru that slow floppy disk install again (I put floppy's on a CD). I do hope they make it so that it can be used with devices like The Kat later on tho.

    • Wireless
    • Lots of programmable buttons
    • Comes in black
    • Track ball w/ scroll
    • Battery Manager
    • Multiple Channels

    • Can't have a mouse hooked up too
    • Not compatible with The Kat
    • Slow Floppy Install

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