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BitFenix Raider Case Review



In conclusion, the Raider was heck of a case. It looks nice and works well enough. It actually comes with three of BitFenix’s Spectre fans, which are more fans than most cases ever ship with. The price of the case seems unaffected by the addition, which makes it an even bigger bonus. The overall appearance is rather simple and has a modern classy look to it. I know some of you, especially fans of the Colossus, would much rather have some flashiness to it, but this is a nice change from your typical “gaming” case. You don’t have to scream that you’ve spent a lot on your computer by lighting it up and showing off what’s inside, but instead you can have it all, while others wonder what you’ve got. It’s much like cars, comparing a riced out Honda compared to an old badge-less sports car. One screams I spent money and the other just says I have class. If you’ve got class, the Raider might be for you – if you like your cases a bit more flashy like a ricer…BitFenix has some other options for you as well!




  • Sleek appearance
  • Three fans included with the cost of the case



  • Cable management holes are little small
  • Dual GPU setups might require removal of both sets of HDD bays
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