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BioShock 6-Years Later Review



Should we take the bathysphere down to Rapture, or leave it to decay and die beneath the foam and tide? That is up to you. My recommendation is that if you love FPSs, you should get and play BioShock, and if you enjoy games driven primarily by story, you should definitely give this one a chance. If you fall outside of those groups then you can probably let this be.

Do not misinterpret my meaning though. BioShock is a good game and a fun experience! My feeling is just that its time may have already come and gone, and that what gameplay it introduced is either no longer novel enough or smooth enough to earn a stronger recommendation.

Play it if you have it and get it if you want it or think you may want it. Otherwise, you may want to look at some other titles.








  1. BioShock Review: Introduction
  2. BioShock Review: Graphics
  3. BioShock Review: Story
  4. BioShock Review: Gameplay
  5. BioShock Review: Additional Gameplay Images
  6. BioShock Review: Conclusion
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