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BioShock 6-Years Later Review

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Utopia is an enticing idea. A place to escape from all evils… except those you create. At the beginning of BioShock you become trapped in a failed Utopia named Rapture, which is living out its final days beneath the ocean. Unfamiliar with the city, its past, and its monsters, you have to work with those who are if you ever want to escape. Of course, some residents would rather keep the city's latest guest under the tide, at least until they have had their use of him.

BioShock is a first-person shooter with some RPG elements, thanks to Plasmids. Plasmids are genetic mutations you can apply to yourself to grant you certain offensive and defensive capabilities. You can incinerate your enemies, stun them with electricity, and freeze them into blocks of ice, when you are not shooting them with a collection of guns.

BioShock received an M rating from the ESRB for blood and gore, intense violence, and strong violence, as well as drug reference and sexual themes. I have not made any attempt to censor the screenshots and videos of this review, so if you should not be playing a rated-M gaming, you should probably not be reading this review either.

Should we be caught up beneath the sea or keep our feet dry? Read on to decide.







  1. BioShock Review: Introduction
  2. BioShock Review: Graphics
  3. BioShock Review: Story
  4. BioShock Review: Gameplay
  5. BioShock Review: Additional Gameplay Images
  6. BioShock Review: Conclusion
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