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Bioshock Infinite Review



Does Bioshock Infinite grasp at perfection or does it fail as Rapture did? Without a doubt, the former is the case. The mechanics are solid and well refined while the story is exceptionally well crafted and well told. I truly cannot think of any substantial criticism of the game and what minor quibbles I could make, I have already forgotten since I finished the campaign and started writing this review.

Without hesitation I can recommend this game to any FPS-Action gamer or any gamer that enjoys a good story experience. Neither group will be disappointed. If you want to wait for a price-drop or sale, I can understand, but if you have the money to spend, go ahead and spend it now. Bioshock fans dubious of the high-flying Columbia, put your fears to bed and some money on the table, because I cannot help but believe this game to be the best of the franchise yet. This game deserves a place in your library.

No 'would you kindly' trigger here; just an extremely good game deserving of praise.











  1. Introduction
  2. Graphics & Sound
  3. Story (99.9% spoiler free, but a spoiler substitute can be added, upon request)
  4. Gameplay
  5. Conclusion
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