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Bioshock Infinite Review

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Last year I sat down, played through, and then wrote up a review for Borderlands 2. Since then I have written more reviews, typically of games included in bundles. Therefore, I have not had the luxury of completing the games simply because there was no time to do so for each title. Finally, I once again have the opportunity to finish a playthrough of a game for its review, and that game is Bioshock Infinite; the third in the Bioshock franchise.

In the first Bioshock game, the players were introduced to Rapture, an underwater failed-Utopia filled with guns, plasmids, mutated humans, hulking enemies, and more. Its sequel returned to Rapture but had you play as a 'Big Daddy;' one of the hulking enemies of the first game. Both games captivated fans with their creative stories, immersive world, and crazy abilities for killing stuff. (Ever wanted to shoot a swarm of bees out of your arm to attack your enemies?)












With Bioshock Infinite, many things have changed. Instead of underwater-Rapture you visit Columbia, the city in the clouds. Like Rapture, Columbia is an attempt at Utopia, but it has not failed; at least not yet. Exploring the city will uncover a great deal about it through 'Voxphone' recordings and 'Kinetoscopes.' However, you must be careful about what you believe, as propaganda is almost more common than bullets in this First-Person Shooter-Action game.

For those of you that are curious, I have played both previous titles in the franchise and enjoyed them. They are quality titles and deserve being purchased and played. We are not here to talk about them though. We are here for me to share whether or not I believe Bioshock Infinite also deserves a place in your game library.

With the introduction done, kindly read on to formulate your own verdict.

  1. Introduction
  2. Graphics & Sound
  3. Story (99.9% spoiler free, but a spoiler substitute can be added, upon request)
  4. Gameplay
  5. Conclusion
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