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Bioshock 2 3-Years Later Review



BioShock 2 begins with Delta, your character, being resurrected to start on a quest to save Eleanor, the Little Sister you were tasked to protect so long ago. Delta's focus on this goal is absolute, so you will find yourself continually trudging ahead, as you do in any linear FPS. Every action you make will be to achieve that goal.

Like the previous game, there are choices to be made along the way to the end. Typically these choices are whether you should kill someone who had wronged you in the past or is trying to kill you in the present. The most common choice is if you should rescue or harvest the Little Sisters you find. All of these choices ultimately impact the end of the game, as Eleanor is aware of everything you are doing and learning from it. The kind of person you make Delta is the kind of person Eleanor will become.










Trying to stop you from reaching Eleanor is Sofia Lamb, Eleanor's mother who has taken control of Rapture by offering everyone inclusion in the Family. The purpose of the Family is to protect Eleanor and do whatever Sofia, the matriarch, commands. To explain why Eleanor is so important would spoil the story.

For those who played the original game and enjoyed its story, you may find BioShock 2 disappointing. The previous game featured a somewhat complex story with well-executed twists, but this title is a simple, linear action story. There are no real twists or surprises as you play. Delta just keeps going on in the same direction and whatever happens around him happens around him.


While BioShock 2 may not have a particularly impressive story, it is not a poor story. It is just simple. It also does not relate much to the story of the original game. The setting may be the same and some familiar names may be dropped, but you can consider the stories as separate entities if you wish.

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