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Pre-Comdex Digital/Mobile Focus Bikers Bash Coverage

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Sin City, USA... Las Vegas, Nevada, home of the 2003 Computer Dealers Exposition, or better known as COMDEX... Today we start our coverage with the Digital/Mobile Focus Bikers Bash at the Bellagio Hotel. This pre-COMDEX event included such names as nVidia, Opera, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Netgear, IBM, Sprint, Palm, Kingston, Harley-Davidson, the Hooters Girls, and many other popular names. The event faired well, with many companies showing off their latest gadgets and software for the Mobile world. Software, Hardware, and even some we're-not-so-sure-what-ware.

One of the major eye catchers was NetGear's new Wireless Digital Music Player, built to grab the music off your network and play it (or, maybe even someone elses network? Hmmm...). Netgear said that the new Digital Music Player should hit some of the major retailer store shelves in December. Major retailers such as CompUSA and Fry's (not Bestbuy or CircuitCity). The retail price will be $150 - $170 dollars, which IMO is a good deal compared to some others I've seen on the market.

Helping us find our way around was the Tomtom Navigator, which is a new personal navigator software for the pocket pc. We didn't spend a lot of time at their booth but their new navigating system looked very promising.

While Matt was off playing with the ladies, Toshiba showed us that size DOESN'T matter. New 2.5" 80G HDDs are sure to be popular for Mobile storage.


Falling in the "we're-not-so-sure-what-ware" category, is the frog pad.. here it is, not much more I can say about it. Umm... it's cute.

Sony had some nifty little bio metric scanners set up... which kept me out of their laptops. :( Guess that's one way to make sure I didn't walks away from the show with a nice new toy. :p Sony calls the device, the Puppy, why? I have no idea but they also have a few other bio metric scanners. Some scanners are imbedded within mini microphones and others are imbedded in memory chips. I think this next year, we'll begin to see more and more of these on the market while the prices come down on the ones that are already on the market.


As mentioned in the beginning, Opera Software was also here. Displaying their browser for the Nokia and Symbian based phones, as well as a version on the new Nokia N-Gage. I must have spent a good 10-15 minutes just chatting with the Opera gang. Not only do they have IMO a great browser for Windows and Linux, but the people representing them here at COMDEX are awesome too..

While most people had a nice display set up, I was sad to see that the worst booth at the Bikers Bash had to be nVidia (though ATi wasn't even there). nVidia had two laptops set up and running, each one displaying a different looping demo. Can't say much more about it, other than things aren't looking to good for them right now. Hopefully, we'll see something big from them tomorrow when COMDEX really gets going.

Since it's going on 2:00 AM (5:00 AM EST back home) we'll close our comments here. Stay tuned for our Day 1 coverage of Comdex!









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