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be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 Review


be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 Conclusion:

Having recently looked at be quiet!'s halo design cooling solution, the 220W capable Dark Rock Pro 2, it was interesting to see just how the technologies employed on that product would scale downwards with a C-style cooler. I'm happy to say that running cool and quiet with the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW is a possibility while overclocked with results that are comparable with some pretty capable tower heat sinks.

Silence is all relative but being able to push close to 70 CFM of airflow at less than 25dBA means you get enough airflow to do the job yet stay silent enough to please your ears. Inside the Corsair 650D, the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW was inaudible from three feet away. At 126mm tall, the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW is not what I would call low profile but it is shorter than most tower design cooling solutions.

Installation of the cooler was, for the most part, a carbon copy of the experience I had installing the Dark Rock Pro 2. Only one significant difference in the installation was the use of O-rings to keep the screws in the back plate versus the clips used on be quiet!'s halo CPU cooler. Just hold the cooler in place and locate the threaded hole in the mounting plate and start the first screw. Locating the rest of the screws from that point is simple. The robust back plate is the same one used on the much larger Dark Rock Pro 2 but with this design it is not supporting nearly the weight. DRAM compatibility is improved with the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW as the bottom of the heat sink sits higher up, providing that added clearance needed for taller high performance memory DIMMs.

I really could not find anything out of place with this cooler from be quiet!. It looks good, delivers pretty decent temperatures, is quiet, easy to install, and comes with a three-year warranty. If you are looking for that ultimate heat sink that is going to allow you to step up your overclock to the next level, the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW is not your cooler with its 160W capacity. If looking for a good looking low profile cooler that can handle a mild overclock and runs quietly, then the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW is a heat sink that is up for consideration. At $55 it is at a price point that won't break the budget.



  • Silent cooling
  • Good looks
  • Fit and finish
  • Low profile
  • DRAM compatibility
  • Three-year warranty
  • Ease of installation



  • None
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