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be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 Review


be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 Closer Look:

Be quiet!'s Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1 is a C-shaped heat sink design that utilizes four 8mm heat pipes to carry the thermal load from the copper base up to the aluminum fin array to be discharged by the SilentWings 135mm fan into the airstream through the chassis. Measuring 171 x 137 x 126mm, it is not a small heat sink by any means. Fully decked out with the fan and installation hardware you will have 0.65kg or one pound seven ounces hanging off the motherboard. Not light enough to bounce it around transporting it to a LAN party but much better than the Dark Rock Pro 2.













Pulling the SilentWings fan off the heat sink changes the dimensions vertically to 100mm. Overall build quality is excellent on this cooler. The nickel plating of the copper base and large 8mm heat pipes is impressive. The aluminum fin array uses the same unique fin pattern used on the Dark Rock Pro 2 with triangular notches cut out of each of the 53 aluminum fins; adding additional surface area to each of the fins for added heat transfer. An additional treatment to the fin array is that the fins slope away from the edges, presumably to direct airflow. Be quiet! uses a CNC machined finish on the contact surface of the copper base. A casual look shows it to be smooth but running a fingernail across the surface you can feel slight ridges. So far on high end heat sinks from other manufacturers I have found this to not be an issue.




Be quiet! uses a PWM 135mm fan out of its SilentWings line up to provide the airflow through the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW SR1. This fan is rated to push roughly 67 CFM of air flow with a static pressure rating of 2.10 (mm H2O), all at the maximum fan speed of 1500RPM. Each corner of the fan is equipped with a modular rubber vibration isolator to help reduce or eliminate any noise from the fan. Furthering this concept is the rubberized frame and rims around the circumference of the fan opening. Be quiet!'s SiletWings fans use a unique airflow optimized fan blade to further reduce the noise made by reducing fan blade generated airflow turbulence. A 4-pin PWM power connection is used to supply power and PWM control to the fan.



Installing the be quiet! Shadow Rock TOPFLOW is an easy process but one that requires some patience and reading of the manual. Whereas the Dark Rock Pro 2 used a clip design to hold the mounting screws in place, the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW uses a series of O-rings that are placed over the studs. The studs attach or pass through the multi socket usable back plate that supports the heat sink. Once you locate one of the studs you can start attaching the heat sink by screwing in one screw partially to locate the screws, then in a cross hatch pattern until all four screws are tightened. Once installed I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to suffer with less memory on the system due to the custom mounting. Taller memory DIMMs to a point can be installed and as you can see the Ridgeback heat spreaders fit perfectly. Once removed you can see the contact patch of the TIM delivers full coverage across the contact surface.





On looks alone this heat sink looks competent enough to take on the the world of low profile cooling solutions.

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