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be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Review

Price: $98

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Introduction:

Overclocking your CPU is going to require a robust cooling solution to keep up with the Joneses, especially with the latest processors from Intel and AMD that have made warm the operative word. You can always choose from a good, solid air cooled solution or one of the myriad self contained liquid coolers on the market. If sticking with air cooling, more than likely you will end up with a cooler that is louder than a liquid solution just due to the fact that the larger volume of air needed to deliver excellent thermals is going to be higher. We have looked at low noise solutions from Noctua and Phanteks, and have been duly impressed by both companies' offerings. As a low noise cooling solution the bq quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 should compare well against its competitors.

Be quiet! is a company well known outside the US but are pushing into the US market with its full line of power supplies and high end air cooling solutions, including the Dark Rock and Shadow Rock product lines. The German engineered Dark Rock Pro 2 is be quiet!'s halo cooling solution, featuring a dark nickel coating and 220 watts of thermal capacity; well above the stock TDP of the latest chips. However stock is not where we like to play at so we will have to see just how well it handles an overclocked load. Using a dual tower, dual cooling fan combination, the Dark Rock Pro 2 should provide excellent thermal characteristic without a noise penalty. Be quiet!, as the name suggests, is going to be a low/no noise cooling solution, so let's see how well it can handle the load.

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Closer Look:

The packaging for the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 fits the name of the cooler, with a black background showing the cooler front and center on the front panel. At the top left we see that it supports Intel socket 2011 systems and includes fans using be quiet!'s SilentWings technology. Under the image is the name of cooler "Dark Rock Pro 2" and that this cooler can manage a 220W thermal load. The back side of the package has a technical drawing of the cooler, the specifications, and descriptions of the pertinent features, such as the aluminum top plate and SilentWing fans. Inside the box the cooler is secured in open cell foam blocks to prevent damage to the large dual fin arrays.











Once everything is laid out you can see how expansive the accessory bundle is. To start with you get the cooler that presents a stunning image. Then the bundle follows offering support for the latest CPU sockets from Intel and AMD. A large black back plate is used to support the weight of the Dark Rock Pro 2.



The first look is intriguing so let's dig a little deeper into what be quiet! has put together.

  1. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Introduction & Closer Look
  2. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Closer Look: Continued
  3. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Specifications & Features
  4. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Testing: Setup & Results
  5. be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 Conclusion
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