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BenQ G2400W Review

Price: 399.99 USD


If you are visiting this website, or any website, you will probably agree that computers are a great tool for doing work, having fun, and learning. However, without a monitor, our home computers become nothing more than number crunchers. A good monitor can make the difference between being able to enjoy using your computer to getting a headache after using it for 15 minutes. As monitors become larger and larger, more things are possible. More realistic and immersive gaming environments start to pop out, the ability to see a lot more data, and, of course, larger high definition movies. While we look for larger and larger monitors, however, we cannot forget quality. The difference between a high quality monitor and one that just downright stinks can make the difference in whether you enjoy working at your computer or not.

Today, I am going to be taking a close look at the BenQ G2400W, a 24" widescreen monitor that runs at a resolution of 1920x1200, which is slightly over the Full HD specification (which comes in at 1920x1080 resolution). A monitor this big needs a pretty large amount of bandwidth to display everything without losing data, and because of that, it supports DVI and HDMI. However, if you have a computer with VGA output, there is no reason to fear as there is a VGA port as well. With a monitor larger than some TVs that supports over 1080p, it should be a joy to use and I am excited to put it through its paces.


Closer Look:

I got the BenQ G2400W from Newegg and it came shipped in a plain monitor box. It would have been nice if it had shipped in another protective box, but this isn't BenQ's fault. The box shows some of the features of the monitor and some nice pictures. I was shocked about how large the box was, but when you buy a large monitor, you expect a large box.







As exciting as the box is, I'll bet most of you want to see what is inside the box even more. Let's take a look!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Testing (Setup Display)
  7. Testing (Tune Up Program)
  8. Testing (LCD Test Script & Subjective Viewing)
  9. Conclusion
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