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BenQ FP222WH 22in Widescreen LCD Monitor

Price: $223.09


You’ve just built the system of your dreams and finally when it’s all together you try to hook up that old 17 inch CRT monitor and realize that the connector from your monitor doesn’t match the one on that new video card. Then you remember, in your excitement, you forgot to buy that new widescreen 22 inch monitor you had looked at. Today’s trends have basically rendered CRT monitors extinct and more people are leaning towards Liquid Crystal Display Monitors (LCD), due to their sharper picture quality, their widescreen capabilities, and since they don’t consume as much space on one's desk. When CRTs were most popular, prices on the larger screen monitors were often out of reach for the average consumer. However, with LCDs, prices are more reasonable and for one week's salary, most people can purchase a quality widescreen LCD monitor for much less than a comparable CRT monitor would cost (NEC 21in CRT $349.99 Res. 1280x1024 Analog vs. BenQ 22in LCD $269.99 Res. 1680x1050 Digital). Most of the LCD monitors you can choose from are also HDTV (DVI and HDMI) ready, whereas a CRT is not.

The BenQ FP222WH 22in LCD monitor is one of the many to choose from; it not only has DVI, but HDMI as well, and has a native resolution of 1680 x 1050.

“BenQ consists of three main business groups — Digital Media, Integrated Manufacturing Services and Mobile Communications. These business groups encompass a broad range of products and each retains a focus on providing consumer-oriented solutions designed especially for the networked digital lifestyle.”

Closer Look:

Packaging is not that fancy; simply a cardboard box with some graphics and purple lettering.

Opening the box, I noticed that the monitor itself was well protected and the accessories had their own inserts. Once the top layer of Styrofoam is removed, the monitor itself is securely held in place by another layer of protection.


The BenQ FP222WH utilizes a patented “Senseye” technology; an Image Processing Unit (IPU), “Senseye” will optimize color and sharpness by separating color signals and adjusting each one individually to avoid distortion and reveal a richer image.

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  8. Conclusion
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