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Beantech BT84 Emerald Dream Acrylic Case Review

GF City Computers
Price: $210 USD


Some of the more astute among our regular readers will have noticed that during my last review wherein I built a system for KeyNet Computer Systems with H2O cooling, it was built in an acrylic case. I know that KeyNet are planning to use it for a display floor model, so using acrylic makes sense for them - but how was the case to work with, what the heck was it, and will it work for me you ask. Keep reading to learn about my experience with the (drum roll please) Beantech 'Emerald Dream'.

What's in the baggie?

Well, I'll tell you the second thing I learned first, no charge. An acrylic case is a bugger to photograph. Bright light, dark light, daylight, flash or no flash, the patented FuzzyCam was up to its usual tricks so don't expect to find any of these pictures on the Sotheby's auction block any time soon. Oh yes, the first thing I learned? I LOVED the way they packaged the case. Inside the standard cardboard box, there's a cardboard insert that surrounds the 2 sides and bottom of the case. And it has HANDLES cut so all you do is reach in, grab the handle holes and pull up, out comes the insert with the case, no fighting styrofoam blocks or other packaging materials or trying to reach down to the bottom of the box to get underneath the case to pull it out. Naturally, the picture I took of the insert was un-usable. The case itself is double protected by a) a big plastic bag and b) shrink wrap on all the exterior surfaces. I ended up leaving the shrink wrap on, other than ventilation and drive bay holes, so it would have a safe trip back to its 'home' at KeyNet when construction was complete.

What are those gloves for, Doc? *gulp*

Beantech also include a pair of thin cotton (no, not rubber, fooled ya) gloves, so that when you do remove the shrink wrap, you can handle the case without smearing greasy fingerprints all over it. Good idea, I bet those gloves cost them about 14 cents a pair wholesale, money well spent. The instructions are pretty straightforward, I scanned them once and went to work.

Left side

You can see why the case is nicknamed the Emerald Dream. The acrylic has a very slight green tinge to it, much like old glass with a lot of sand in it. Very classy.

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