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Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 Review


be quiet! Silent Base 800: Closer Look

Taking off the front panel was a bit of a hassle to remove, but not much different from the rest. This time around, secure clips inside the panel must be individually pushed before, and then the panel is free to come off. The forceful pull from the bottom that works on so many chassis will only break this one. Luckily, you have no reason to remove the panel itself as everything is accessible. Similar to other quiet-style chassis, the Silent Base 800 has a door covering the whole front with some silencing foam padding. The doors are not much different from the rest as it opens from right to left. With the panel removed, you can see three external 5.25" bays that would be covered by the door. Below that are two 140mm fans behind a dust filter.



The fan compartment has a sound dampening cover, which pops down by pushing down on two clips at the top and it will release. Below that is the dust filter that has a very similar removal. Once again, press at the top and it will release from being latched. Getting the filter back in was just as simple and done in a reverse order. At this point I should note only a 140mm radiator can be installed inside when the hard drive cages are removed, which is explained in more depth later on.



be quiet! continues to keep its overall simplistic design by having all the I/O ports neatly lined up the side. Giving a run down from back to front; you have two USB 2.0, headphone and microphone jacks, and ending with two USB 3.0 ports. At this point I should mention that there is no reset, but a single giant power button. When the computer is turned on, the power button gives a nice white glow. Having no reset button is more of a grey area when it comes to computer chassis's. While it not necessary to include one, having it handy when the computer locks up is much more convenient to rest the easy way rather than having to hold a button for a while. When it comes to overclocking, resetting becomes a standard thing when pushing the limits. Then again, this case isn't marketed towards the extreme, but rather consumers that want a quiet chassis.


I briefly talked about the silencing foam above. Here be quiet! continues to keep the computer as quiet as possible with foam behind the door for the 5.25" bays. Normally I would say having a door causes unnecessary hand actions, but having that padding is necessary when silencing in the name of the game.


In the box be quiet! included a user manual along with all the necessary screws and extras like zip ties and rubber mounts for installing hard drives. The manual was helpful and has a good amount of information inside, considering a lot of things can be removed inside this chassis. I can't say too much more about this because I feel I've beaten this topic about manuals to death. All the reader really needs to know is that be quiet! did a decent job with everything included!

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