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Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 Review

Price: $139.99

be quiet! Silent Base 800: Introduction

Today we take a look at the be quiet! Silent Base 800 mid-tower, which is the newest and the only available chassis from be quiet!. Originally formed in 2002 in Germany as a power supply company focusing on "noise minimize", be quiet! has since expanded its reach into other markets. These markets include CPU coolers, fans, and of course, computer cases. This chassis currently priced at $139.90 MSRP, with color trim available in Black, Orange, and Silver. This price point puts it right in the high range of other mid-towers. With all sections of chassis market flooded, it becomes increasingly hard for a higher priced tower to stand out in the crowd. Luckily for be quiet! it is focusing on a niche of "Silent Operations".

With the few silent chassis reviews out of the way including the recent Corsair Carbide 330R Titanium Edition and last years NZXT H440, be quiet! has some competition when it comes to the silent aspect. The biggest problem of these types of chassis is airflow versus sound. Generally, the higher the airflow, the louder the fans are, while low fan speeds can lead to heat build up and causing less desirability overall. With a stack of quality power supplies and CPU coolers under the companies belt, I have no doubt be quiet! knows exactly what they are doing. So without delay, let's jump and see what the Base 800 has to offer!

be quiet! Silent Base 800: Closer Look

For those who aren't already aware of the features in this chassis, I'll give some details. The front has three exposed 5.25" bays covered by a hinged door and behind that is a removable dust filter for the 140mm fan. Looking at the side, this case does not have any side window, but the square labeled "be quiet!" in the middle is removable and adds the ability for an optional fan. The lack of a window that can be a bad thing depending on your preferences, this time it is not and a thought out design choice. The lack of a window is due to the internal silencing foam keeping the acoustics of everything inside the chassis low. The back is as standard as it comes with a 120mm rear fan, seven expansion slots, and a bottom mount for a power supply. One thing to note is, the front comes in three color variations with either an Orange, Black, or Sliver strip down the sides, aka color accent. The Orange and Silver highlights the sharp angels, while the black version goes less noticed.




Looking at the top of the chassis, it is a little different than most of the others on the market by raising the roof, so to speak. To start, at the front are all the I/O ports neatly lined up on the right side with a power button right in the middle, which is a design choice well suited for the style the chassis is going for. It is possible to install an All-In-One (AIO) Cooler on top without too much fuss, though the power button has to be disconnected before removing the panel completely.



The bottom side of the Base 800 is similar to the top by raising the surface with a modular plastic piece. On top of this, removable legs are included to lower vibrations that transfer onto the floor. Finally a dust filter is included that covers the power supply air intake.

  1. be quiet! Silent Base 800: Introduction & Closer Look
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  4. be quiet! Silent Base 800: Specifications & Features
  5. be quiet! Silent Base 800: Setup & Results
  6. be quiet! Silent Base 800: Conclusion
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