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be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Review


be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Conclusion:

The be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 is a nice cube-shaped cooler with 51 cooling fins. The included single PWM fan quietly gets the job done at stock settings, and I found that an additional fan can help to knock a few degress off. The top cap covers the heat pipe stubs so if you have a case with a side panel window, you can proudly show off the Shadow Rock 2.

Installation of the be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 is a little more involved, especially if you have an existing system, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. And it is safe to say that almost anyone who buys an aftermarket CPU cooler is likely not intimidated by having to remove a few componets to get the job done. I usually enjoy the opportunities to spend some time inside my case, so having to remove the RAM modules and the video card did not bother me. The robust back plate is insulated and can be used with all the supported AMD and Intel socket types.

All four faces of the fin stack allow a fan to be mounted, so you do have some options for fan placement. If your RAM is not topped off with tall heat spreaders, you will likely be able to populate all of the DIMM slots. RAM with tall heat spreaders will prove to be a problem, so you will want to verify your RAM compatibility ahead of time.

So let's talk about performance. It can handle the thermal load of normal daily use. Stock performance is just fine. Overclock and crank up the load, and, well, not so fine. I was expecting it to keep the temps down a little more. Add this to a case that is perhaps a little lacking in the airflow department on a warm summer day, and you may be bouncing off the thermal limits of the CPU. There are other coolers out there that are in the same price range that do a better job of removing the heat.

Be quiet! gives you a three-year warranty and great build quality to go along with the attractive styling. Priced at around $49, it is in the middle of the spectrum. If you're thinking about an air cooling solution and you don't load your system to the limits, then the Shadow Rock 2 should be able to handle the load. If you are an overclocker or hardcore gamer and like to push your system, you may want to consider a more capable cooler.



  • Silent
  • Attractive design
  • Ability to mount fans on all four sides
  • Three-year warranty
  • AMD & Intel socket compatibility


  • Memory clearance
  • Struggles to keep temps down with overclock
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