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be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Review

Price: $49

be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Introduction:

Be quiet! is one of Germany's top manufacturers of power supplies and is well known outside the US, but are merging into the US market with a full line of power supplies and high end air cooling solutions, including the Dark Rock and Shadow Rock product lines. Be quiet! has won the Manufacturer of the Year award six times in a row from the German hardware magazine PC Gamers Hardware. The German engineered Shadow Rock 2 is be quiet!'s single tower / single fan 180W TDP cooling solution that is a notch below the Dark Rock 2. The Shadow Rock 2 features four large diameter (8mm) shiny copper heat pipes and is designed for the latest CPUs.

If you are not familiar with the Shadow Rock series, be quiet! has the Shadow Rock Slim and the Shadow Rock TOPFLOW, which are both 160W TDP units. Today we will see just how well the latest model in the series, the Shadow Rock 2, handles the job. If you like to experiment with overclocking and push the thermal limits of your system, then you know the importance of a capable CPU cooler. And while water cooling has certainly become mainstream, air cooling is nothing to be shrugged off.

be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Closer Look:

The packaging for the be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 reflects the name of the cooler, with a black background showing the cooler front and center on the front panel. Under the image is the name of cooler "Shadow Rock 2" and that this cooler can manage a 180W thermal load. On the side panels there is a brief description of the features in five languages and a list of awards.















The back side of the package has a technical drawing of the cooler, a list of the specifications, and descriptions of the features, such as the aluminum top plate, low turbulence cooling fin design, and four high performance 8mm heat pipes.



Open the box and there is a little compartment at the top that contains the hardware, instructions, and the thermal paste. There are two flaps with holes that line up with the heat pipe caps and hold the cooler in place to prevent damage to the large fin array. This is a nice way to incorporate the box into the internal packaging. The cooler sits on a foam block that has a contoured pocket for the base. The bags contain the AMD and Intel hardware, along with the base plate and thermal paste. There is also a small wrench that will come in handy a little later.




The instructions are on a single folded sheet and are in five languages. The illustrations and text are clear and easy to follow. So let's see how the Shadow Rock 2 stacks up!

  1. be quiet! Shadow Rock 2: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Closer Look: Continued
  3. be quiet! Shadow Rock Pro 2: Specifications & Features
  4. be quiet! Shadow Rock 2 Testing: Setup & Results
  5. be quiet! Shadow Rock 2: Conclusion
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