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be quiet! Pure Rock Review


be quiet! Pure Rock Conclusion:

I have tested several be quiet! coolers over the last couple of years and they continue to impress me. No doubt that we will be seeing more from be quiet! in the future as it continues to deliver well designed, capable coolers. Despite the influx of affordable AIO (all-in-one) liquid coolers in recent years, air coolers are still relevant and aren't going anywhere. It is hard to beat the simplicity and reliability of a good air cooler. The Pure Rock is designed for small to medium builds that need cooling beyond what stock coolers can offer. And the way be quiet! caps off the heat pipe terminations helps to make the Pure Rock an attractive cooler - ready to be shown off in any case with a side window.

Performance was on par with similar size coolers. The Pure Rock is a nice jump beyond OEM cooling, but still a sizeable notch below the much larger (and signifcantly more expensive) dual tower coolers with 140mm fans. However, it did prove that it can stand up to a fair amount of heat when the load is cranked up. For daily use in a mild gaming or multimedia rig, this cooler will be right at home. If you really overclock and frequently load your system, be quiet! certainly has a variety of larger, higher capacity coolers from which to choose.

I was a little surprised that the cooler base was not offset to allow for better RAM clearance. It wasn't a problem in my situation, but RAM with tall heat spreaders may cause some problems on the first RAM slot. Be quiet!'s SilentWings PWM fan features a unique wave pattern on the blade surface that is designed to reduce turbulence and the subsequent noise to deliver quiet, top-notch cooling and that is just what it does.

The installation went well and if you don't load your system to the limits, the Pure Rock can get the job done. And the Pure Rock looks good from any angle, so combine that with the three-year warranty and at just under $35, this is an inexpensive cooler perfect for a small to medium buiild.



  • Easy installation
  • Quiet, SilentWings PWM fan
  • Attractive aluminum finish
  • Heat pipe terminations covered
  • Price
  • Three-year warranty



  • Possible memory clearance issue with tall RAM
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