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be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Conclusion:

When it comes to a reputation for quality and innovation, be quiet! is certainly on the shortlist. The Dark Base Pro 900 definitely showcases that innovation and quality. The rich feature set makes the Dark Base 900 stand out, but kick it up a notch to the Pro version, and you get a full tempered side glass, a relocatable motherboard tray, and LED lighting. It is not really a flashy case, but it is not a boring case either. It sort of fits in between, but that is what makes it work for so many applications. This case is right at home with many types of builds, from a hardcore gaming build to a heavy duty workstation and everything in between.

So what did I like about this case? Well, pretty much everything. The fit and finish confirm what I have seen with other be quiet! products, which is that no corners are cut to save money. The chassis is robust and the workmanship of the assembly is top-notch. As far as functionality goes, there is a ton of room in the case and by room, I mean the ability to handle multiple fans, liquid cooling, multiple hard drives, and large motherboards. Just about any configuration of fans and radiators you can think of are covered in the Dark Base Pro 900. You can get not one, but two 420mm radiators in there - one at the top and one in front.

Storage in the Dark Base Pro 900 is impressive, with support for up to seven HDDs, 15, SSDs and two optical drives. The cooling capacity is remarkable, too. The three included SilentWings® 3 140mm PWM fans proved to be quite capable of quietly moving air through the case. The fan control hub can handle up to four PWM (4-pin) fans and up to four 3-pin fans, so if you need some additional air flow, you can control up to eight fans.

The relocatable motherboard tray is a curious feature that allows the motherboard tray to be moved to the other side. This allows your system to be built so that you can show off your hardware from either side of the case through the large tempered side glass. Very few cases have this ability and the top mounted wireless charger for Qi-enabled devices is also an interesting feature. Too bad I don't have any Qi enabled devices to try it out.

You may have noticed that LED lighting is becoming more popular - especially RGB lighting where you can change the colors. Lighted cases are nothing new, but when they first came out, it was usually the fans that were lit up, and you were typically limited to a single color theme, which was often red or blue. But now cases are coming with RGB lighting so you can select a color that best matches your case color scheme or even your mood for the day and go with it. Or just turn the LEDs off and go into stealth mode.

The Dark Base Pro retails for $249US, which may be at the higher end of mainstream case pricing, but this is, well, a high-end case. So the pricing is definitely in line with the features and quality that you get. This isn't just a case - it is an experience and be quiet! again delivers a feature-rich product that is worth checking out.



  • Excellent fit and finish quality
  • Attractive design
  • Relocateable motherboard tray
  • Quiet operation
  • Quiet, SilentWings® 3 PWM fans (3x140mm included)
  • Full tempered side glass
  • LED lighting (five colors)
  • Modular HDD slots
  • Support for up to seven HDDs, 15 SSDs, and two optical drives
  • Fan speed control switch for up to eight fans
  • Integrated wireless charger for Qi-enabled devices such as smart phones
  • Vented side panel
  • Many options for fan locations
  • Many options for liquid cooling
  • Three-year warranty



  • I could say price, but that is like complaining that a Mercedes is expensive.


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