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be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: Working Components

There is a lot of flexibility in this case. With a motherboard tray that can handle up to an XL-ATX motherboard, you have plenty of room for any system you could build. And the relocatable tray can be reversed or flipped over to the other side of the case if you would like your system to be visible from the other side. Not many cases have this ability. Another interesting function of the modular motherboard tray is the way that the motherboard can be spaced down in predetermined increments to provide space for a thick top radiator and fans.

As for storage, there are seven modular hard drive cages that can be removed or configured in any combination to meet your needs. So you can have up to seven HDDs, 15 SSDs, and two optical drives. On the back of the motherboard tray is one mount for a single SSD, and next to that is the fan and LED lighting control hub. This case is among a dwindling number that still offers support for optical drives. Many case designs are phasing them out as they slowly suffer the same fate as floppy drives did several years ago.



To accommodate the relocatable motherboard tray function, the power supply is inset rather than flush with the rear. It takes you a moment to figure out what is going on with the power supply mount since this is not what you typically see. The power cord extension also throws you off for a moment, but then it all makes sense. The motherboard tray can drop down to make room for a variety of liquid cooling options at the top, so having a power supply that can be moved around within the case allows for the modular features. Also at the bottom are mounting provisions for two 120mm or 140mm fans to bring in fresh air from the lower side vents. Looking up at the top you can see the 140mm rear exhaust fan and the multiple slots in the top framework for a radiator and fans.



The hard drive cages can be removed independently of each other so you can leave them all in, take them all out, or pick and choose which ones to leave in the case. On the right is a closer look at the fan and LED light control hub. There are four of the 4-pin PWM headers on the left - three of which are used by the included 140mm SilentWings® 3 fans. On the right are four 3-pin headers for DC fans. At the bottom of the hub are the two sockets for the LED light strips. This hub is powered by a SATA lead from the power supply, so don't forget to plug that in.



The case certainly looks different after the top, front and side panels are removed. The only thing from the exterior that is still recognizable is the wireless charging station on top. However, you can really see how beefy and robust the frame is and cable routing is much easier when the panels are removed. The extra space is obvious in front for an extra fan if you like, although you sacrifice the optical drives. There is enough room on top for up to four 120mm fans or three 140mm fans. In fact, you can stash as many as ten fans in this case. You could probably fly this thing from New York to L.A. if you had an extension cord long enough!



Then there are the LED light strips, which are also part of the Pro package. The extra colors add a little life to the case - not that it needs it, but a little color can help accentuate a theme, particularly if you are trying to compliment the color accents of your hardware. Each of the two strips has 13 LEDs and there are adhesive pads to secure the strips inside the case. You can cycle through red, green, blue, yellow, clear, and off. Whatever color you pick, it will stay that color until you change it. Since I had a be quiet! Dark Power Pro PSU and a Dark Rock TF CPU cooler (click here for the Dark Rock TF review), why not show them off in a be quiet! case, and what better case than the Dark Base Pro 900?



Fan and radiator support are both covered thoroughly in the manual, and here are a couple of well-illustrated graphics from it to give you a feel for your options. There is no shortage of space for extra fans. The case's radiator support allows for just about any liquid cooling configuration you could want. Yes, you can get a 420mm front and 420mm top radiators in there.


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