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be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 Review

Price: $249.90

be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: Introduction

German engineering and ingenuity are hard at work again with another case from be quiet! The Dark Base Pro 900 takes high quality, feature-rich cases to a new level, and high-end features is what this case is about. Let's start with the relocatable motherboard tray. If you have built your own system before, you probably like to show off your hardware, and case designs for many years have really focused on the motherboard orientation being fixed. Facing the case, the side window is for the most part always on the left. Sometimes this works out so you can easily see your build, but other times this layout puts the window side away from you, or up against a wall or the side of your computer desk. But the Dark Base Pro 900 incorporates a relocatable/modular motherboard tray that allows you to swap the motherboard tray to the opposite side of the case. Now you can build your system and show it off through that enormous side glass no matter where your case is positioned.

Storage in the Dark Base Pro 900 is a plus with room for up to seven HDDs, 15 SSDs, and two optical drives, so this should cover just about any storage configuration you can come up with. The Pro also has some cool LED lighting that can be set to five different colors. Just about any configuration of fans and radiators you can think of are covered in the Dark Base Pro 900. You can get two 420mm radiators in there - one at the top and one in front.


be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900: Closer Look

The box is dressed out in the usual be quiet! color scheme of all black, with a nice prominent picture of the case on the front. There are several pictures and descriptions of the key features detailed on the rear of the box, so there's a good look of it from every side.



Inside, the case is protected by thick Styrofoam end caps, and the case is in its own protective black bag. All of this ensures that the case arrives in perfect condition.



This is certainly a large case. Once you get it out of the box, it becomes obvious that this case has some weight to it, so I am careful lifting it or moving it around. But right away, the smooth, consistent finish gets your attention. The brushed aluminum is beautiful to look at, but since it can be a fingerprint magnet, keeping it clean can be a challenge. Same with the side glass panel.



The front I/O panel is straightforward with dual USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on each end. Next are the microphone and headphone jacks, the center power button, and then the reset button and hard drive activity light. That large flat rectangular area on top? It is a wireless charger. If you have a Qi-enabled device, such as a smartphone, then this feature will come in handy. This is certainly a feature you won't find on many cases. Unfortunately, I don't have any Qi-enabled devices available to test the charger out.



There are no large top vents or meshed area like you often see on top of some cases. Instead, warm air is rejected through meshed side vents that run along the perimeter. Fresh air is drawn in from the bottom and front side vents to then exit through the top side vents. There is one small vented three-slot area toward the rear of the top panel, and a small two-slot vent section of the top that wraps around to the rear of the case. The rear of the case shows the large 140mm SilentWings® 3 exhaust fan along with eight expansion slots. It is not obvious, but the entire motherboard tray can be shifted down to allow for more room at the top for a thick radiator and fan combination. Plus the motherboard tray can be swapped to the opposite side, allowing for an inverted motherboard layout. The power supply opening is therefore also adjustable to accomodate this modular motherboard tray feature.



The feet on this case are quite capable of supporting a case this size, and each foot has a rubber pad on the bottom to help isolate any vibrations and also to protect the floor. No fears if you have carpet, but wood and tile floors can be damaged if the feet are not fitted with ample rubber shoes. You may also notice that there is no venting on the bottom, as you would usually see at least one if not two vented panels with some sort of dust filter. Nope - no bottom filter panels here. But that is because the bottom feed of fresh air comes in from the sides rather than the bottom. Actually, there is a bottom filter, which we will see shortly. The door swings open for easy access to the two optical drive bays and the dust filter in front of the two SilentWings® 3 140mm fans. The door can be hinged on the left side, too, if you want it to open from the right side. Also, the door is fitted with a soft, sound deadening material to help keep the noise under control.



Taking a closer look with the cover open reveals two more features. The first is a slider switch for fan speed control, and then since this is the Pro version, you get a round button for controlling the RGB lighting. Push the button to cycle through five colors.



To minimize dust being drawn in from the front fans, there is a dust filter that is easy to remove. The optical drive covers are shown removed so you can see that there is space for a third fan if you feel the need. The included bracket makes adding a third fan easy. There is a second dust filter hiding below the fans. This one runs along the base, below the floor of the case, and filters air drawn in from the lower side vents. The lower dust filter pulls out from the front, and if you ever need to remove the front fascia, you will need to remove the lower dust filter first.



Like the front door, the side panel has the same sound deadening material, which, of course, ensures that any sound from within the case will be kept to a minimum. There is also a side vent that can be opened or even removed. There are mounting provisions for two 120mm side fans, although using side fans is dependent on how you have the case / motherboard tray configured. The hardware consists of some Velcro straps to aid in cable management and the standard fasteners for motherboard and power supply installation, along with a pump base (if you go with a custom liquid cooling setup) and a bracket for a third front fan. This will require giving up the two optical drive bays, but optical drives are sort of on their way out, so you have an option to add a third SilentWings® 3 140mm fan. There is also a rectangular rubber grommet, although I am not sure how much you would need to use it.



Check out the video review for more details on the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900. Spoiler alert: there is a little bonus at the end where we show off a be quiet! Dark Power Pro PSU and a Dark Rock TF cooler in the case.

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