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be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Review


be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Case Fans: Conclusion

When I read the specifications for the be quiet! Wings 2 fans, I was skeptical that they would be enough to keep my computer in the range of temperatures that I like. I have never focused on keeping my system as quiet an awful lot and as a result, I wound up with a very noisy one with a bunch of loud high air flow fans. After the testing was through, I must say, be quiet! lives up to its reputation. The company has easily created fans that are sufficient in overclocked setups, while staying absolutely silent (to my ears anyway). I could only hear them if I was inches away and they were not enclosed in the case. be quiet! is award winning for a reason. They have stated, "If you choose be quiet! you can be sure to get premium quality and second to none silent operation from the quietness experts", and to my knowledge that appears to be entirely true.

The fans I compared to the Pure & Silent Wings 2 are be quiet!'s direct competitors. The Noctua and Phanteks fans in the comparison are all meant to be very quiet at max RPM's and they are for the most part. The be quiet! fans do not out perform them in sheer power, but they do beat them where it counts: Noise to air ratio. The Silent Wings 2 have the highest airflow to noise ratio of any fan I have personally seen or used. They are more than enough to keep a CPU cool under decent overclocked settings while adding nothing to the accumulated noise. The competitors are noticeable when there are no other noise producing components in a system. In the event that you don't want noise unless you are gaming or otherwise noise occupied, there are PWM versions of the Silent and the Shadow fans allowing silence to occupy office work for those of more sensitive hearing and keeping everything cool when stressing the computer with gaming.

I know it sounds cliche, but in conclusion, be quiet! fans are geared towards a very particular audience: people who absolutely hate noise leaving their computers. If you are not one of these people, there are alternative fans out there for you at good prices. If you are one such person, be quiet! is here for you and even though the Silent models are a bit pricy, ~$30 USD, the Pure will be right there, ready to fill the gap with more near silence at the more manageable range of ~$16.50



  • Flexible RPM (Silent only)
  • As close to inaudible as fans come
  • Surprisingly powerful
  • Multiple mounting options(Silent only)
  • Multiple attractive models to fit each user



  • No extension cable
  • Might not be enough for extreme overclocking
  • Pricy
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  1. be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Case Fans: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Case Fans: Specifications & Features
  3. be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Case Fans: Testing
  4. be quiet! 140mm Silent & Pure Wings 2 Case Fans: Conclusion
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