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Backup My PC Software Review

Price: $69.95


Regular backups are something that is neglected by a lot of people. I know I was one of them! It might be because the backup software is to hard to use, doesn't include the options scheduling or is very limited on its features. Well, here comes Backup My PC from Stomp Inc. A very easy to use backup program that has all the features almost anyone could want.


  • Full Automated Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Single PC or Small Network Backup
  • Media Spanning & Compression
  • Works with CD/DVD/Tape/Zip/Jaz (plus many more)

    Minimum System Requirements:
  • 166MHz Pentium or faster (or equivalent CPU)
  • 64MB of RAM
  • 50MB minimum hard disk space
  • Windows 95(OSR2)/98SE/ME/NT 4.0(SP4 of higher)/XP
  • Compatible backup device such as CD/DVD, Tape, Zip and Jaz (plus many more)


    Installation of this software is very easy. As with any other software installation make sure you close all running programs and turn off your anti-virus protection. Put the CD into the drive and the installation process should automatically start. If the program doesn't start automatically, there is a section in the included manual that will tell you how to get up and running.

    Once the software is installed and you run it for the first time. There will be a few windows that will pop up to help you setup the program. These windows include Creating an Automatic Data Protection Job, Disaster Recovery Set Creation and finally the Startup Window. You can skip the fist two if you like and set those up at a later time. Creating an Automatic Data Protection Job will allow you to create a backup job and schedule it to run on a regular basis. The Disaster Recovery Set Creation will create a full backup of your system and will also create a set of boot disks in case of total hard drive failure. The Start up window allows you to use the most common features of this software.

    In the startup window you can create a new backup job using the Backup Wizard or use a blank backup job, Open an existing backup job, Create Automatic Data Protection Jobs and restore files using the restore wizard or a blank restore job. Selecting the Backup Wizard will allow you to backup all files and folders on your local drives or files that you chose to select. After selecting the files that you want backup you are then asked where to back up and whether to compress the backup. Then you will be asked if you want to backup now or later and to give a name to your backup job. Once your backup starts you will be greeted by a Backup Progress Window. In this window it will tell you the name of the backup job being worked on, give you time elapsed, estimated time left and files currently being processed. There is also an option for password protecting your backup.

    This software is very easy to use! Creating my first backup of my entire hard drive took 2 hour 47 min. 23 sec. I had around 11GB of files and was sending it to a file on my network server. For each update to the backup you can have it backup the entire drive, selected files or changed files. I went for the changed file option and it only takes around 15mins to update my backup. As for the backup file you can compress it or leave it as is. I didn't have 11GB available to me on my server so I went with the compressed option and the file size of the backup was only around 1GB.

    I'd like to thank Stompinc.com for providing this product for us to review.

    • Easy to use
    • Multiple backups and schedules

    • Takes awhile for your first backup

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