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In Win B2 Stealth Bomber Review

Price: $114.99


Do you enjoy airplanes? How about some of the most advanced airplanes that are used by the United States Air Force such as the bombers? How do you think a case would look and perform if a company decided to use some of the features of a fighter plane in the design of the case? Well this is exactly what In Win decided to do with its B2 Stealth Bomber gaming chassis. The air intakes from the USAF's B2 Stealth Bomber are the inspiration for the air intake features of the In Win B2 Stealth Bomber. It does not stop here, the front door is also motorized and looks very similar to that of an airplane's cockpit. What could be better than showing this off to your friends and just being able to ask them if they would like to come over and take a look at your “bomber?” Let's take a detailed look at In Win's B2 Stealth Bomber and see if it will be able to soar way above and beyond its competition or whether it will crash and burn.  


Closer Look:  

When you take a look at the front of the box for the In Win B2 Stealth Bomber, you are able to see a few of the neat and unique features that this case has, such as a "Turbo Cooling System" and an "Auto-Sensing Door." When you take a look at one of the sides, you are able to see more of the unique features that In Win wants you to notice about its B2 Stealth Bomber case. The back of the box is where you are able to see the In Win B2 Stealth Bomber with the front door open and with a background picture of an airplane pilot's cockpit open. The final side of the packaging is where you are able to see all of the specifications of the B2 Stealth Bomber.  




I know that I am very curious to see what the B2 Stealth Bomber looks like and am ready to pull it out of the box. With the box opened up, you are able to see that In Win wanted to keep its product very safe during the shipping process. The case was not only covered in a plastic bag to keep the case from getting scratched during the shipping process, it was also topped with a molded styrofoam piece on both the top and bottom to keep from getting bent.  


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued (The Case)
  3. Closer Look Continued (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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