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AZZA Zen 8100 Review


AZZA Zen 8100: Closer Look

Removing the front panel was a struggle this time around. I put some serious force on it to release the panel's grip from the frame. Once the panel is removed, you can see a 120mm fan and place for a second 120mm fan. A 240mm raidator for watercooling can be placed in front, but the hard drive cages will have to be removed. Now, the only reason to remove the front panel in this chassis is to add or remove a fan. Unlike a number of chassis, the Zen 8100 does not provide a front dust filter. That is a slight oversight from AZZA depending on where the chassis is placed a room. Even so, dust will make its way in no matter where it is placed. 



At the front of the chassis are the I/O ports, which are neatly alligned in the middle. This part of the chassis is the only angled section, but that isn't a bad thing as it plays the same role compared to the ports being at the top. This chassis will work fine being on the floor or on the desk. As far as the ports go, let me give you a rundown. On the left are four USB 2.0 ports, which uses two connectors. Next to that are two USB 3.0 ports, along with the audio jacks, and reset and power buttons.


Behind the brushed metal look the front has going for it is a door hiding four 5.25" bays. It's nice to see a return to more than two bays. A lot of chassis I have reviewed and seen over this last year only have one or two bays.


On to the accessories! AZZA has provided a maunal that is "meh." I honestly can't remember what is inside it, but this chassis doesn't have much explaining necessary besides the hot-swap bays. I will say having a bag of thumb screws is great for someone who tends to misplace things when taking apart items left and right.

  1. AZZA Zen 8100: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. AZZA Zen 8100 Closer Look: The Case
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  6. AZZA Zen 8100: Conclusion
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