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AZZA Titan 240 Case Review


AZZA Titan 240 Conclusion:

The AZZA Titan 240 is certainly a nice case at a decent price. It follows the current theme of a full glass side panel along with a power supply shroud, and it is one of a shrinking number of cases that still has space for optical drives. You also get some great cooling options with support for a 240mm top radiator and up to a 280mm front radiator. There are vents and mounting provisions for a couple of 120mm fans on top of the PSU shroud in case you would like to pull some air in from the bottom of the case. The overall style of the case is sort of middle of the road, meaning the case would be fine for a gaming setup, or just a daily driver. It is not flashy like some gaming cases can be, and it is not a boring sterile box as some cases can be.

The fit and finish of this case were similar to the quality I experienced with the AZZA Nova 8000. All the panels lined up and fit together nicely. The top I/O panel only has a single USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0 ports, and honestly I would be fine with just two USB 3.0 ports and no USB 2.0 ports, but that is not really a big deal. One fan filter is all you get and it is for the PSU, which is fine, but it would be nice to see at least a front filter panel to help keep dust intrusion to a minimum. I know that I am amazed by how much dust is caught in my cases that have front filters. So if that dust isn't caught, it gets pulled right into the case. Storage capacity is fairly standard with room for up to five 2.5" solid state drives (SSD) or up to three 3.5" regular hard drives (HDD). The Noctua D14 CPU cooler that I use for testing is actually a 160mm tall cooler, but it was able to fit in the Titan 240 despite the 155mm limit. If you go with liquid cooling, then you won't be concerned with cooler height. Regardless, it is still a good idea to make sure your cooler choice will fit before you start the build.

The Titan 240 is a budget-friendly case that lists for around $69.99US on Amazon and you may see it on sale for a few bucks less. You can build a decent system with the Titan 240 without spending a lot of money so check it out!



  • Still has optical drive bays
  • Support for up to a 240mm top and 280mm front radiator
  • Full side glass panel
  • Space for extra fans on the power supply shroud
  • Lighted side case logo - if you like that sort of thing
  • Front 120mm LED fan included
  • Tool-free drive bays



  • Only one USB 3.0 port
  • Lack of case filters beyond the PSU


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