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AZZA Titan 240 Case Review

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AZZA Titan 240: Introduction

My last AZZA case review was for the Nova 8000 at the beginning of 2016, and that was a great case with some really cool features. Since then AZZA have added several more cases to their line up, and along with the cases there are some other interesting items such as RGB fans, an RGB lighting control hub, a keyboard, mouse, and even a monitor. AZZA is clearly looking to expand its product lines and move beyond computer cases.

A common theme with many cases now is a full side glass panel and a shroud over the power supply. This theme started a few years ago on some high-end cases and it has trickled down to many mainstream cases. When I first started to see the shrouds on cases, I wasn't sure I liked them. They do offer a hiding space to stash your extra PSU cables so cable management looks cleaner, but you can't show off that fancy power supply you bought when it is all covered up. The Titan 240 definitely takes advantage of this glass and shroud trend, but what can a manufacturer do to make their products stand out in a sea of similar products? Well, you can come in at an attaractive price point and offer some cool features and that is exactly what the Titan 240 does. Coming in at $69.99, the Titan 240 is in that sweet spot where you don't break the bank, but you still get a very functional case and have some cash left over for other components.


AZZA Titan 240: Closer Look

The Titan 240 is fairly simple on the exterior. Not too flashy, but certainly not boring. It still gets your attention with the full side glass panel and the front LED fan.


While the side panel is full glass, the top and front are all plastic and partially split between black (opaque) and clear plastic panels. The front also has a top door that hides the two optical drive bays. Optical drives are slowly on the way out, so it won't be too long before they are completely absent from cases. Remember when all cases had floppy drives? USB and optical drives pretty much elminated floppy drives, and now inexpensive high capacity flash drives and exteranl hard drives have made optical drives almost useless. The clear panel on the top of the case is vented on the sides to allow air circulation.



The I/O section is angled and has a single USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports and headphone and microphone jacks in the center.  The power and reset buttons are off to the left. You can see the horizontal slots in the clear top panel. The slots are small, but they do let air move out from the top. There is also a small opening in the back of the top cover that lets air flow from the top cover.



Looking at the rear of the case you can see that there are seven expansion slots with the power supply located at the bottom. The included rear 120mm exhaust fan has mounting holes that are slotted to allow the fan to be shifted up or down a little - most likely to allow for some clearance with a large graphics card. There is also a vented section at the top to allow for air flow.



The bottom of the case has a removable mesh filter for the power supply fresh air intake. The four feet are each topped off with a rubber pad and there is another vented section to allow air flow past the two hard drive trays.



After all the panels and fascias are removed you can really see the chassis, particularly the top mounting for fans or a radiator. The mounts only allow for 120mm fans, so your radiator options are limited to a single 120mm or a 240mm radiator. Up front things are a little diffferent as you can use 140mm fans or up to a 280mm radiator.



From the back side of the chassis you can see the large cut out in the motherboard tray which allows for access to the back of the motherboard when you are installing a CPU cooler. At the bottom are the compartments for the power supply and 3.5" hard drives. This space can also serve as a convenient place to stash any extra cables from the power supply. The front of the power supply shroud has the AZZA logo which can be powered up to show off the logo in white LEDs. You can also see the front included 120mm white LED fan and there is room for one more above it, and you can go with 140mm fans if you like. And of course this is where you can mount a 280mm front radiator if liquid cooling is your thing. Also on the back plane (below the optical drive bays) you can mount two 2.5" (SSD) drives or a single 3.5" hard drive. Maximum CPU cooler height is 155mm and you can use up to a 380mm long graphics card.



On the top of the PSU shroud there are two vented sections with mounting holes for 120mm fans.  This will allow for some extra air flow for the power supply and any hard drives installed below. On the top of the shroud AZZA provides some nice rectangular slots for cable routing. On the right is a closer shot of the lower compartments formed by the shroud. The vented sections allow for fresh air to be drawn in from the bottom of the case. The power supply vent has a removable mesh filter, but the vent below the hard drives does not.



Now that the test system is in the case, we can power it up and see what the thermal imaging looks like. On the side of the power supply shroud is the AZZA logo lit up in white LEDs. I like the look, but if you don't care for it, you can simply leave the power for the logo LEDs unplugged. The front fan has just the right amount of light. You can definitely see it, but it is not distracting.



The manual does a nice job of showing the case components and how to install the hard drives as well as all of the specifications. It is fairly simple, but it gets the job done without confusion or ambiguity. On the right is a clip showing the hard drive locations on the back plane.




Click below to watch a more detailed video review of the AZZA Titan 240 case including some thermal imaging.

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  1. AZZA Titan 240: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. AZZA Titan 240: Specifications & Testing
  3. AZZA Titan 240: Conclusion
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