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AZZA Nova 8000 Review

Price: $129.99

AZZA Nova 8000 Introduction:

For every review I do, I like to look into the company history and you usually find out some interesting things. For example, AZZA started out making motherboards in 1996 and then moved on to produce OEM PC cases and power supplies. Fast forward to today and AZZA now has a full line of cases and power supplies. AZZA cases can be found in popular system builds at CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower. Over the years, several cases from AZZA have made their way to OCC, and today we have one more - the Nova 8000.

Style and function are the two main factors that can make a case stand out from the crowd. One quick glance at the Nova 8000, and you can see that it definitely has the style factor covered. But what about function? Let's dig in and see.

AZZA Nova 8000 Closer Look:

The Nova 8000 comes out of the box with all the critical surfaces protected with a nice layer of clear plastic. It all easily peels off to reveal a nice looking black case with an orange top vent cover and orange accents. One of the first things you may notice are the dual side doors. We will see how they work a little later. The Nova 8000 is a full tower case that can handle a variety of motherboards, including E-ATX, ATX, and Micro ATX.




From the front you can see that there are four 5.25" bays for your optical drives and the lower part of the front panel is vented. You can see the deep-set orange accent across the front is a separate insert and really stands out against the glossy black finish of the case. Moving to the rear, at the upper left is the rectangular cutout for the motherboard rear I/O panel. To the right is the rear 120mm exhaust fan. Above the fan are two round openings for external liquid cooling. Below the fan are four more round openings stacked vertically for external liquid cooling. There are nine expansion slots with eight of them using vented orange plastic block off plates, while the top slot is blocked off with a more typical solid metal plate. At the bottom is the opening for the power supply. Beneath the power supply is the air filter. The protruding center tab makes it easy to remove for quick cleaning.



Looking at the side views, the dual side doors are the prominent feature. This is, of course, something different as most cases have a single detachable panel on each side. We'll have those side doors open soon and see why the case is divided this way. The top is vented in two sections, the first being the large orange perforated metal mesh top cover, and the second being the rectangular holes in the black plastic section. Both of these areas allow for air flow out of the top of the case. The orange mesh is not removable by itself, but the entire top section comes off, which we will see on the next page.



While the geometry of the case top is asymetrical, it is not gaudy. It breaks up the flat horizontal plane that is typical of case tops. The two 120mm top fans are partially visible through the orange mesh. The bright orange decorative plastic insert is solid, meaning that it does not light up - but the way it almost glows, it doesn't need any lights! Looking now at the bottom, you can see the four rectangular rubber feet that put the clearance under the case at 1.25". The filter for the power supply is visible on the left and there is a large vented area on the right, which can handle a 240mm radiator or a couple of 120mm fans if you want some more air flow from the bottom. Now we are ready to open up the case and see what is inside.


  1. AZZA Nova 8000: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. AZZA Nova 8000 Closer Look: Working Components
  3. AZZA Nova 8000 Closer Look Working Components: Continued
  4. AZZA Nova 8000 Specifications & Features
  5. AZZA Nova 8000 Testing: Setup & Results
  6. AZZA Nova 8000 Conclusion
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