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AZZA Fusion 3000 Review


Closer Look:

Working with the Fusion was largely a headache-free experience. There is plenty of room to work with and get components fastened in. I did note that some of the simple things are not done quite as well as other cases in its same price category. For instance, the machining of the standoff taps can be a bit rough and take a few attempts to get them started. When I removed the fan/filter side panel to install the 230mm fan, I noticed that the panel is held on with very small screws that require a touch to get back in. I got the feeling that a quarter turn too much and they would be stripped rather quickly. Replacing the side panels took a small amount of persuasion, as the holes in the panel and the frame did not line up exactly perfect. As I mentioned earlier, you will want to hold the grommets on the motherboard tray in place as you feed your PSU cables through, to keep them from doing a "zip-line" down to the bottom of the case. These are not huge issues of course, just things I would expect to be a bit more polished on a case that is $180.00. All in all, not a bad experience though. I found the accessory kit to contain ample amounts of screws and standoffs, and I was up and running in about 30 minutes.














Once lit up, the front 120mm blue LED fans create a nice but not overpowering glow as the LEDs follow the curves of the fan blades. It looks very nice coming from behind the black honeycomb mesh the fans are encapsulated in. The Fusion 3000 is a bit "plasticky" in a few areas, but overall a very nice looking case. It is stylized but does not scream "my Transformer can beat up your Transformer."

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  5. Specifications and Features
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  7. Conclusion
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