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Azio MKG1 Mechanical Keyboard Review


Azio MKG1 Mechanical Keyboard Conclusion:

Having used Azio's MKG1 Mechanical Keyboard, I must say I really like it. The keyboard has its ups and downs, but I am actually quite hooked on it. I plugged in my old keyboard and did some comparing between the two just for grins, and it's night and day. One thing that I can mention is the sheer feel of the keyboard. While in the middle of a rant, the keys move quite well and with the gentlest of touch the key stroke is registered and appears. That is something I do not get with the membrane keyboard I used all these years, so now that I'm used to the MKG1, I find myself missing keys when go to something else. Being a now-converted mechanical keyboard user has brought me to enjoy it based on many factors that greatly outweigh its downfalls, like the noise. And the MKG1 in particular has many positives.

To start with, the aluminum bottom tray jumps off your desk; sometimes staring at you, but not in a creepy way. With the brushed aluminum finish for a bottom tray and raised keys, this keyboard stands very tall. Looking at each individual key, we can look closely and never know that there was an LED under each one. When booting up your PC, starting from the ESC key and running west through every key, each LED lights up one at a time in a wave effect. I cannot speak more highly of that because this feature is awesome. Not only do you get a light show to start off with, but 90+ LED lights have not just blinded you for the sake of turning on. It's about the show more so than the feature. Once the system boots up into the operating system, you gain access to the lighting features. This allows you to adjust the brightness, reaction, or whether they will come on at all.

Now that we are into the OS, look at the top four F-lock keys and we can open the OCC website and start trolling. Not that I encourage trolling, but then we may want to check our mail, or start our favorite album on youtube, or open our calculator to solve the meaning of life, universe and everything. 42. It has keys for that and they make life easy, instead of drag-click-click, it's tick-tack and you're there. If your phone rings, it's simple to reach for the volume scroll or mute button. But if you really would rather not talk and can't help but answer, put it on speaker and type for a while and that drives any intruders out of your world. The functionality is great inside the OS, but once we get inside a game, turn on the NKRO feature and you can start tapping away. Unfortunately, with the lack of macros, it may leave some gamers out to dry. Having a plug and play device means no software to deal with, but without that software, that means no macros or self adjusted keybindings. Still, with it being a mechanical keyboard, it does have great accuracy in games.

Besides the lack of macros, there are some other downsides. I found over time that I would notice one or two keys that just didn't feel right. It's not like it's broken, but the key just does not have that clack or feel that the others do. That being said, the keyboard does bite back if you get rough with it. The most tender of touch gives you a nice character, while a sharp press will push back. Coupled with the aluminum finish, you may as well stab a brick wall with your pointer finger. While I have noted the key inconsistency on two keys, I also had a moment in game where the 6 key got stuck. I pulled the key and inspected for damage and found none, but that was a severe let down. This however has not happened since, but was still a few minutes of frustration.

All that being said, this is still a great keyboard. I pondered for a long time what market this keyboard is actually targeted at and found that I am actually its target market. I don't do just one thing, like just gaming, or just surfing, I do it all. Plus, I like things simple and software-free. That puts me square in the middle of the target demographic. Well it looks to me as if this object is going to stay on my desk for quite awhile despite its shortcomings. For that, I can recommend this board to just about anyone that is looking for an all-around keyboard that will have the feel and benefits of a mechanical keyboard. That is, if you do not need or desire the use of macros. Being backlit with options to change and the nice feel - I think I'll keep it.



  • Optional and adjustable backlit keys and reactive mode
  • Plug and Play device
  • Great aesthetics
  • Durable
  • Special tools included for key removal
  • Volume wheel
  • 3-year warranty



  • One time malfunction with one key
  • Keys feel inconsistent
  • Lack of macros
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