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AZiO L3VETRON GM2000 Gaming Mouse and AZiO L3VETRON Mech5 Mechanical Keyboard Review



AZiO L3VETRON Mech5 Gaming Keyboard

In the end the L3VETRON Mech5 and I truly had our quarrels. We never really did get to be friends; however, like co-workers forced to work together we got through this review both in one piece. I personally, again emphasizing the personal aspect, didn't fall in love with this keyboard. The cheap feel of the keycaps as well as the overall plastic build and fake bolts just brought this keyboard down a level for me. Priced at the upper side of the market at about $110, I expected quite a bit more from not only the appearance but the quality as well.

Mechanical switches are becoming the typical switch in most gaming or enthusiast builds – at this point just having the mechanical switch isn't enough to warrant such high dollar signs. That is where I feel the L3VETRON Mech5 was a major let down. It reminded me of the toy that looked super in the box until you saved up your money to buy it and find out what crap it actually was. The features of a movable number pad as well as the little Macro keypad do deserve some merit in the overall review. Although I'm not big on using macros the ability to choose to have them is nice while not massively increasing the standard layout of the keyboard. The removable ability and varied placement of the number pad was by far my favorite part of all of the AZiO products today. Just the ability to customize my layout in a LEGO sort of manner was like being a kid all over again – loved it.



AZiO L3VETRON GM-2000 USB Gaming Mouse

The GM-2000 mouse was quite impressive despite all my skepticism. The lightweight factor of the mouse was awesome. The four little feet that seemed like nothing on the mouse actually allowed it to glide beautifully across my mouse pad. It was quite the wonder of a mouse past what I had originally imagined.

The back button clicking failably is the one thing that really brought the mouse down. Not knowing when the mouse would click or when the mouse wouldn't just wasn't a game I wanted to play. The overall look of the mouse in popular red and black really matched up with the Mech5. The L3VETRON series as a set makes quite a match made to be.



L3VETRON Mech5 Pros:

  • Movable number pad with an actual connection to keyboard (not just added USB device)
  • Three heights available with rubber no-slip legs
  • Braided cable
  • Volume knob spins infinitely and adjusts volume slowly rather than abruptly
  • Customizable layout – LEGOS!



L3VETRON Mech5 Cons:

  • Rather large keyboard – not great for smaller desks
  • Build quality isn't on par with price category
  • Spacebar spring doesn't hold the spacebar on very well
  • Extra cable for the six button macro pad adds extra mess to your desk


OCC Bronze


L3VETRON GM-2000 Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Reasonably priced
  • DPI options on the fly



L3VETRON GM-2000 Cons:

  • Forward/back buttons click but don't always function
  • Rubber may wear off over time
OCC Silver

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