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AZiO L3VETRON GM2000 Gaming Mouse and AZiO L3VETRON Mech5 Mechanical Keyboard Review


L3VETRON GM-2000 Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Pulling the mouse out of the box, I'm a little skeptical about how it will peform. It feels nice and light weight – almost feels cheap, but hard to say without plugging it in. It does have a rubber coated body with hints of a natural glossy body to give it a nice look. The claim to ergonomic feel seems about true with a nice grove for the thumb and a fitting pinky/ring finger cut out on the right. This mouse seems quite nice for small hands.
















Top down gives you a little more perspective on the mouse. You can see the forward/back buttons on the left of the mouse, the red DPI changer centered in the middle, and a narrow scroll wheel to seal the deal. The small AZiO logo beneath the palm glows red when powered up. The bottom of the mouse shows you the opening to the red optical lighting for tracking. Four small feet are spread to give a smooth glide.



A few more profile shots of the mouse gives you a better feel for what the mouse really looks like. The decreasing arrows glow red (I'll show you later) and adds a nice touch to the seemingly quiet mouse.



The mouse appears to have a large butt – but in reality it is nice and palm fitting. You can see from this angle the mouse isn't perfectly symmetrical and consideration was given for the different size of human fingers (sorry monkeys, you'll find a mouse some day). The front of the mouse has the GM-2000 model number inked near the left click. I'm sure this will rub away with time; but only time will tell. The cable running from the front isn't braided but rather a star pattern of rubber. It doesn't seem to bind much, but does have an odd feel to it.



A few more fun shots of the mouse give you yet again a better feel for it. It is a pretty nice looking mouse for the price (~$40) and sports the ever popular red and black theme. At this point I'm just excited to start using the small sized mouse – it ought be perfect for my hand size.



The mouse is a standard USB mouse and thus has a standard USB plug. It's pretty simple – plug'n'play. With no big drivers from AZiO or silly software to set up, the mouse is ready to go right from the moment it exits the box.


Overall, I find it to be an interesting looking mouse. I'm looking forward to testing it out and giving you some feedback on the real feel. Dispite my first impressions of the appearance; it doesn't seem to be all that "cheap" in quality. Read on to find out how it tested.


Plugged in, it glows a nice red along the arrows mentioned earlier. The DPI light increases with brightness to indicate the three DPI levels. Looks pretty snazzy.



Together the two make a perfect matching set and look quite right together in this picture, don't you think?

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