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AZiO Levetron GH808 USB Gaming Headset Review


AZiO Levetron GH808 USB Gaming Headset Conclusion:

Overall I have mixed feelings here. The AZiO GH808 offers an interesting mix of features that cater to some interests while absolutely ignoring others. On one hand the vibration drivers do offer an exceptional level of impact in most games, even at ridiculously stupid volume levels. On the other hand I feel like they are a bandaid to cover up the real lack of audible output from the 40mm stereo drivers used to reproduce the actual output frequencies. For gaming they rock, without a doubt, but for movies and critical music listening most will likely be happier with a more traditional set of cans.

Now, with all of the prior complaints in the open, we get down to the brass tacks. Will this headset make you grin when you get shot at in Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, or Bioshock: Infinite? Absolutely, unequivocally, and without a doubt. At the same time they will probably make many cringe slightly when listening to well-known music or movies with deep bass tracks. For gaming, however, they do provide an exceptional level of interaction that is hard to match with many other similarly-priced headsets.

Wrapping everything together here is difficult. The GH808 clearly have substantial gaming prowess even if they lack fidelity in more serious listening sessions. It's hard to discount the real impact imparted by the vibration drivers when playing games; it's pretty hard to ignore a gunshot when it is literally shaking your head. Combined with the extremely attractive casing it's hard to complain too much about this $42 headset. If you play games and you don't use your headset for critical listening, it's time for an upgrade. No, seriously, go get these. At $42 they're a steal!



  • Great impact in gaming.
  • Long cable.
  • Great looks and build.
  • Comfortable.
  • Vibration drivers really add a lot to games.
  • PRICE!



  • Volume control on headset is mostly useless.
  • Lack of real deep-bass response.
  • Distorts quite easily at high output levels.


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