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AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard Review


AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard Conclusion:

Overall, I thought the AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlit Keyboard was a lot of fun to play with, but I am a harsh professor when it comes to giving it a grade. The phrase "fun to play with" is about all there is to it. It is a funny gag gift for a friend, or as a pinch hitter keyboard for use with kids' grimy fingers as I mentioned earlier. As a keyboard, it didn't perform well despite how standard it is. The issue of the keys catching when pressed, causing them to not register was frustrating at best. However, let me try to be gentle with this one. The keyboard is only $30, and even though your average Dell keyboard usually doesn't have many issues typing, it doesn't come backlit with three color options nor does it have massive printed letters for you to read across the room. These features do kick the keyboard up a notch, but the resulting lack of function over sparkle…well, it doesn't sell.

I do think that the keyboard works well enough to be used, but I would just prefer to use even a cheap Dell keyboard over this one due to the lack of a friendly touch typing experience. However, it is a perfect keyboard for the elderly folks who are still chicken pecking away at the keys to write out emails and search AOL. Though I'd say at that point it doesn't matter what keyboard is used as long as it gets letters to the screen. The oversized letters are quite a plus despite all the downsides. My grandmother has poor eyesight, near and far, so being able to look down and easily find the symbols or letters adds quite the benefit to this keyboard, as do the lighting options for typing in the dark (though my grandmother is too old school for that – it's bad for your eyes!!!). All in all it was fun, but I think I'd prefer anything else after a week's worth of typing on this keyboard…




  • Easy to read
  • Extremely even backlighting
  • Great gift for non-touch typers
  • Low price tag makes it a great temporary replacement
  • Has full size, standard layout number pad!



  • Hard to touch type since keys catch on one another
  • Lower quality
  • Awkward raised wrist rest below the spacebar

  1. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Closer Look
  3. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Specifications & Features
  4. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Testing & Results
  5. AZiO Large Print Tri-Color Backlight Keyboard: Conclusion
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